A horror fantasy documenting Kate's early-to-mid teenage years.


Four years after the events of "Puppy in My Pocket," Kate spends most of her time hanging out with friends and going to Pocketville.

Kate crying after Kevin's death

Kate at home, crying over Kevin's death.

On Friday the 13th, Kate, her father, and her friend, Kevin, take a field trip with her class to old Camp Crystal Lake, despite several warnings to turn around while they still can. Shortly after they arrive, Kevin and Kate get into an argument about disobeying the teacher and decide to head back to camp. On the way, Kevin smacks his foot against something, which happens to be Jason Voorhees, the serial killer.

Thinking quickly, Kevin pulls out his taser and shocks Jason, but this only makes him angrier, and he kills Kevin on the spot. Kate escapes, unaware that she's leading Jason straight to the others. She tells eveyone what happened, and they start to panic at the exact moment Jason arrives and kills a few students. Peter is injured in the chaos, but manages to get Kate and himself to safety.

Two years later, sixteen-year-old Kate is making plans to return to Camp Crystal Lake to get over her fears.

Meanwhile in Pocketville, Ava puts her sister, Eva, under house arrest as punishment for her crimes against her and the kingdom and orders William to take her home. On the way out, they run into Willis, and Eva is immediately impressed with his rude and disrespectful attitude toward William. She quietly asks him if he wants to join her group, and he accepts, knowing it will drive his brother crazy.

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