Big City girls!

Comic of the intro

(shows Twistle's Element)

"Puppy in My Pockect, Puppy in My Pocket! Ahh...!"

(inside Twistle's Element is the Pocket crew's identification tags)

"Come on, show me! Come on, show me! Ahh...!"

(camera moves to sky to show Roxy's silhouette flying past)

Cloud: Executive Producer: Nikolai Banks

Roxy's silhouette: (flies off)

Hana's silhouette: (pushes cloud out of way) 

(camera moves to ground)

Briana's silhouette: (kicks apple tree)

Tree: Written by

Lucy's silhouette: (bounces on top of tree)

Tree: Alicupcake1235

(in palace gardens)

Gigi's silhouette: (sparks magic)

Magic: Directed by

Twistle's silhouette: (sparks magic)

Magic: Anamary the Pikonik

"Come on, come on, show me, show me, show--!"

(shows a big school, then the P.I.M.P. logo appears; pawprint says, "Big City Girls." Camera zooms in...)

"Puppy in My Pockect!"

Human Twistle's silhouette: (reaches for book)

'Book: Alicupcake1235 'as Twistle  

"I used to wonder what friendship could be (could be)..."

Princess ava 15

Human Roxy silhouette: (kicks soccer ball)

"Until you all shared its magic with me...!"

Soccer ball: As Briana and Roxy

"Puppy in My Pockect (Pocket, Pockect)...!"

Human Lucy silhouette: (blows up balloon)

"Used to (used to, used to, used to, used to)...!"

Balloon: Anamary the Pikonik

Balloon: (pops)

Cat Spine silhouette: (runs down hall with a mouse toy)

Human Gigi silhouette: (runs after him)

Toy: Surprise1

Dog Identification Tag: as Spine and Gigi

"And magic makes it all complete!"

(shows Susan's silhouette)

Hyena117 as Susan

"Yeah, my...!"

(shows the puppy Pockect crew together on a giant identification tag)

"Do you know you're all my very best friends...?"

(group shifts back to human version)

("Puppy in My Pocket: Big City Girls" logo appears)

This movie will come out when season 3 is over!

Original: "My Little Pony: Equestria Girls" Opening

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