Twistle: (reading on balcony)

Spine: "Hey, Twistle! Ava wants you to make friends!"  

Twistle: "I don't have time for friends, Spine!" 

Spine: "Aw, Twistle, come on! It's an order from Princess Ava! Plus, it's Pocketville's hundredth anniversary!"

Twistle: "Hmm..." (reads on, then gasps) "Of course Eva's return would be on the same night! We must warn the princess! Spine, take a letter!"

Spine: (gets a paper and quill) 

Twistle: "'My dearest teacher, I've just learned that your former enemy, Eva, will be returning the same night you wish to come to Pockectville.'" 

Ava: (sends a letter back) 

Twistle: "Well, that was fast!" 

Spine: (burps out a letter) 

Twistle: "I knew she would take my advice!" 

Spine: (reads) "'Dear Twistle, my faithful student, I do trust you, but stop reading books, for crying out loud, and make some friends!'" (laughs) 

Twistle: (gasps) 

(after arriving in Pocketville) 

Spine: "Finally, fresh air! Oh, look! Talk to that puppy over there! Come on, Twistle, try!" 

Twistle: (sees Lucy) "Uh, hello?" 

Lucy: (gasps, then dashes away) 

Twistle: (looks at Spine) "Happy?" 

Spine: (shrugs) "Oh, well. Let's check the food!"

Twistle: (walks into Apple Sweet farms) "Hmm... Very nice farming area." 

Spine: "Yep! Ask the puppy over there how the farming is going?" 

Briana: "Yeehaw!" (kicks apple tree so apples fall into basket) 

Twistle: "All right..." (walks over) "Good afternoon. My name is Twistle--" 

Briana: (shakes paw hard) "Well, howdy! Ya'll must be new here! I'm Briana, and here at Apple Sweet farms, we have the best apples!" 

Twistle: "I believe you!" (paw starts to hurt) 

Briana: "How 'bout ya'll meet the family?" 

Spine: (tries not to laugh)

Twistle: "Well, you see--"

Briana: (rings bell) "Soup's on, everybody!"

(whole family ambushes dinner table) 

Spine: "Whoa!" 

Briana: "We have Apple Fritter, Apple Pie, Apple Cider, Apple Rainbow, Apple Tart, Apple Pumpkin, Apple Juice, Apple Soups, Apple Crotchet--" 

Spine: "Wow, this family is huge!" 

Briana: (takes a deep breath) "--Big Sam, Pumpkins, and Granny Smith!" (nudges a sleeping Granny Smith) "Up and at 'em, Granny Smith! We got company!"

Granny Smith: "Huh? Soup's on...?"

Briana: "That's the whole family!" (stuffs apple in Twistle's mouth)

Twistle: (spits it out) "Hahaha..." (backs away slowly) "Well, thanks for the info, but we really should be going..."

Pumpkin: "But don't you wanna stay for dinner?" (makes sad face) 

Twistle: "Sorry, we can't."

Everyone: "Aw..."

Spine: "Please? Can we?"

Twistle: (sighs heavily) "Fine..."

Everyone: "Yay!" 

(few minutes later) 

Spine: "Let's check the weather!"

Twistle: "My stomach's too full... Ugh!" 

Spine: "There is supposed to be a puppy here... I forgot her name..."

Twistle: (looks up at sky) "Well, she's not doing a good job, is she?"

Roxy: (crashes into Twistle; gets up and is covered in mud) "Hehe! Uh, excuse me!"

Twistle: (groans)

Roxy: "Here, let me help you!" (gets a rain cloud and stomps on it, soaking Twistle) "Oops! I think T overdid"

Spine: (tries so hard not to laugh) 

Roxy: "Here we go!" (circles Twistle super quickly) "Roxy blow dry! No, no! No need to tha--!" 

Twistle: (fur poofs)

Roxy: (snickers, then bursts out laughing)

Spine: (bursts out laughing, too) 

Twistle: (ignores them) "You must be Roxy..."  

Roxy: "The one and only! And the fastest flyer in the village!" 

Twistle: "If you're the fastest flyer, you should clear the sky!" 

Roxy: (lies around on cloud) "I'll get to that after I'm done practicing!" 

Twistle: "For what?" 

Roxy: "The Lighting Bolts, the fastest flyers in the world!" 

Twistle: "They wouldn't be impressed if you can't even keep the sky clear for one day!"

Roxy: "Hey, I can clear this sky in ten seconds flat!"

Twistle: "Prove it!"

Roxy: (flies around and clears the sky in ten seconds flat) "What did I tell you? Ten seconds flat!"

Spine: "She's amazing!"

Twistle: (shocked)

Roxy: "I can't wait to hang out with you some more, Twistle!"

(few minutes later)

Spine: "Now, the decorations!" (catches sight of Gigi) "...Beautiful...!"

Twistle: "Yep!"

Spine: "That puppy!" (hearts appear in eyes)

Gigi: (is sorting through ribbons with her magic) "No, no, no, no! Oh, heavens, no! Ah, perfect! Everything is perfect with glitter!"

Spines: "How are my feathers? Neat?"

Twistle: (rolls eyes)

Twistle: "Good afternoon. My name is Twistle--"

Gigi: (not looking at her) "Why, hello! My name is Gigi. How are y--you?! My, what happened to your fur?!"

Twistle: "It was, uh--" 

Gigi: (pushes Twistle into other room)  "We must fix this at once!"

Spines: (floats after them with the power of love)

Twistle: (tries on many different outfits) 

Gigi: "No, no, no, no, no--! Ah, gorgeous! So, Twistle, where are you from?"

Twistle: "Well, I live near the palace, and--"

Gigi: (drops measuring tape) "The palace?! Where all the richest, most glamorous, and well-known divas are? Oh, we're going to be the best of friends!" (looks back at Twistle's outfit) "Emeralds? What was I thinking? I'll go get some rubies instead!"

Spine: "Isn't she wonderful?"

Twistle: "Let's get out of here before she dyes my fur pink!"


Spine: "She was so pretty...!"

Twistle: "Focus, Romeo! We have a schedule to keep."

Spine: "Oh! Right!" (checks list) "Next, we have music!"

Hana: (conducts her chorus of bird friends) "Oh, my, please stop. Excuse me, little blue, can you slow down just a little? Thank you. Okay, a one, a two, a one, two, three--" 

Twistle: "Hello!" 

Hana: (gets scared and flies into air; all birds fly away)

Twistle: "Oh, my, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to scare you or your birds!"

Hana: (descends to ground)

Twistle: (smiles awkwardly) "My name is Twistle. Uh, what's your name?"

Hana: "Um, my name is...(whispers name)"

Twistle: "What was that?"

Hana: "I said, my name is...(whispers name again)"

Twistle: "Huh?"

Hana: "(squeaks out name)"

(birds fly back)

Twistle: "Well, I see your birds are back, so I'll go."

Hana: (whispers) "Okay..."

Twistle: (walks back to Spine) "That was easy!"

Spine: "Uh...--"

Hana: (gasps) "A baby eagle?!" (bowls Twilight over) "I've never seen one in my life!"

Spine: "Well, well, well!"

Hana: "Oh, I want to know everything about you!"

Spine: "Well, I started out as a cute little egg..." (tells whole life story as Hana follows)

Twistle: "Ugh..."

(five hours later) 

Spine: "And that's the story of my whole entire life! Wanna know about today?"

Hana: "Oh, yes! I do!"

Twistle: "Well, how did we get here so fast? We really need to head inside! Besides, Spine is so sleepy after today!"

Spine: "What?!" 

Twistle: (bucks him off her back) "Aw, wook! He's so sweepy he can't even keep his wittle balance!"

Hana: (scoops him up and files through the library door) "Aw, you do look tired!"

Twistle: (takes Spine back) "I'll take it from here!" (closes door, then opens it again) "Have a good night!" (closes door again) 

Spine: "Well, that was rude!" 

Twistle: "Sorry, Spine. I've been so busy 'making friends' that I even forgot to read about the Elements of Peace! Now, where's that lightswitch...?"

(lights turn on seemingly by themselves)

Everyone: "Surprise!"

Twistle: (groans)

Lucy: "Surprise! I'm Lucy! I'm that Chihuahua you met today! I was like," (gasps) "'cause you were new, and I knew you were new 'cause I know everyone in Pockectville! So, I decided to throw you a party!" (squees)

Twistle: (accidentally puts hot sauce in punch, then drinks; realizes mistake as face turns red and she begins to sweat)

Briana: "You all right, sugarcube?"

Twistle: (fire escapes when she opens her mouth; she hightails it to the other room)

Spine: "Ooh, hot sauce!"

Lucy: (pours some hot sauce on cupcake, then eats it) "Delicious!"

(later on that evening)

Twistle: (is in bed, trying to sleep with pillow over her head)

Spine: (opens door) "Hey, Twistle! Lucy's playing Pin the Tail on the Puppy! Wanna come?"

Twistle: "No! Everybody here is crazy!"

Spine: "It's the eve of Pocketville's anniversary! Everyone  stays awake to get to the fountain early! Lighten up! It's a party!"

Twistle: "Well, I'm not a party animal!"

Spine: (frowns and walks out of room, closing door behind him)

Twistle: (looks out the window, remembers prophecy) "'On the one hundredth anniversary of Pocketville, the stars will aid in her escape.' I hope Princess Ava was right..." 

Spine: (comes in) "Come on! It's time for the Friendship Trail!"

 (at the ceremony)

Hana: (is in her conductor's spot)

Gigi: (stands ready to pull curtain)

 Pocketville Mayor: "Welcome, puppies and kitties! As mayor of Pocketville, it is my pleasure to announce the Friendship Ceremony of Pocketville's Anniversary!"

Everyone: "Yay!"

Hana: (whispers to birds) "Ready?" (waves conductor's baton)

 Pocketviile Mayor: "In just a few moments, the Friendship Trail will arrive at the fountain! And it's my honor to introduce the ruler of Pocketville..."

 (birds start singing)

Pocketville Mayor: "...the Friendship Matcher, the good, the kind, the keeper of peace in Pocketville..."

 Pocketville Mayor: "...Princess Ava!"

Gigi: "She's gone!"

Lucy: "Ooh, she's good! Ahh!" 

(black smoke forms)

Spine: "Huh?"

Eva: (appears on stage)

 (puppies gasp)

Eva: "Hmm... Well, well, well! Looks like we have a full house!"

Eva: "Doesn't anyone remember me? Did you not see the signs?"

Twistle: (steps forward) "I did. You're the Kitty in the Moon, Eva!"

 (puppies gasp)

Eva: "Well, well, well! Looks like someone remembers me! And I bet you know why I'm here!"

Twistle: (frightened) "You're here to--to--"

Eva: (chuckles wickedly) "Remember this day, little puppies, for it will be your last happy one! From this moment forth, the night will last forever!" (laughs evilly)

Twistle: (frowns deeply)

 To be continued...

Stay tuned for more! Comiing soon!

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