"Terry's Trouble"

Freddy wakes up beside Reenie's bed and barks, waking her up. He follows her downstairs for breakfast, and then they go outside to play. Freddy's about to fetch the tennis ball when he notices that there's a moving truck and people carrying things inside the house next door. Curious, he walks over to see who their new neighbors will be. A little girl notices him and bends down to pet him when Reenie shows up.

Reenie: "Sorry about my dog. I got distracted for a moment."

Girl: "It's okay." (sneezes several times) "Oh, dear, I forgot, I'm allergic to dogs."

Reenie: "Oh, no!"

Hearing this, Freddy steps away from the girl and closer to Reenie.

Girl: "Yes, it's terrible! I've wanted a dog all my life, but my parents never let me have one because of my allergies..."

Freddy watches the Friendship Trail stream from the girl.

Reanie: "I'm sorry to hear'm sorry, what's your name?"

Girl: "Terry."

Reenie: "Well, Terry, welcome to the neighborhood! I'm Reenie, and it looks like we'll be next door neighbors!"

Meanwhile in Pocketville, Krakia and Notria are sitting on a tree near the Magic Fountain when Notria notices a picture of a girl in the water.

Notria: "What's going on with that fountain?"

Krakia: "That's the Magic Fountain that Princess Ava uses as a portal to unite children with their perfect pets and all that silly friendship stuff. But it's also our best bet for stealing the Ocean of Friendship and finally making Eva the Princess of Pocketville!"

Notria: "How do you mean?"

Krakia: "When Ava performs her Friendship Ceremonies, the Ocean of Friendstip flies up to the top of the Magic Fountain. That's when we'll swoop in and steal it!"

Notria: "But won't the Royal Gaurds stop us?"

Krakia: "Don't worry, I have the perfect plan! Now, go to the castle and tell Ava about the girl's picture in the fountain. She didn't see you help Eva and I escape, so she won't suspect a thing!"

Notria does as she's told. Back in Hooperville, Stomp and Ella are busy searching for the other half of the Golden Friendship.

Stomp: "Ella, you go look over by that building. I'll look over here by that pond."

Ella: "Okay."

The pony walks to the pond and sees a vison of a crow in the water.

Stomp: "Huh? What's going on here?"

Crow: "Hello, Stomp! I am Trickria, and I've been watching you ever since you were transported to Hooperville."

Stomp: "How and why are you contacting me?!"

Trickria: "I'm using a magic mud puddle in Pocketville that lets me contact anyone outside our realm. I'd like to help you become ruler of Pocket Pasture, but only if you make me second-in-comand when you do!"

Stomp: "Ooh! Quite the ambitious one, aren't you? All right, you're hired!"

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