"A Special Friend"

After Notria tells Princess Ava about the Magic Fountian, she goes to her room to use the Pocketpedia to find the right pet for Terry. Pages flip rapidly until they stop on a picture of a Standard Poodle puppy. William walks into the room.

William: "Did you find the right pet?"

Ava: "Yes, and I know her. It's a Standard Poodle puppy named Jill. Would you find her and tell her the good news?"

William: "Of course, Princess Ava, I'll get to it right away."

He marches off to find Jill.

Meanwhile, in Hooperville, Ella is walking over to Stomp when she overhears her conversation with Trickria.

Stomp: "What are my cousin's Royal Guards up to?"

Trickria: "They're looking for the other half of the Golden Friendship by an abandoned shed, but they're nowhere near finding it."

Stomp: "Good! We must keep them from finding the other half before we do! But don't worry about that. I've managed to trick a kitten into thinking the jewel is mine and my cousin's Royal Guards stole it..."

Ella: (thinks) What?! Oh, I can't believe I fell for her trick! I must go return the jewel to its rightful owners right away!

Ella grabs the Golden Friendship piece and runs off to find the others. 

Back in Pocketville, Princess Ava is just about to send Jill to the Big City when Notria plucks the Ocean of Friendship from the sky and flies away. The Winged Guards try to pursue her, but they aren't able to keep up. She flies over a beach and heads toward Eva's hideout on an island close by.

Suddenly, Gilbert flies overhead and attempts to take the jewel back from her. In the scuffle, the pendant falls into the sea, where a dolphin picks it up and pokes her head out of the water when it's safe. One of the Winged Guards flies down to her, and she gladly returns the Ocean of Friendship to him. The eagle thanks her and immediately jets back to a gratefully relieved Princess Ava. The Friendship Ceremony resumes, and Jill makes it to her special friend in the Big City safe and sound.

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