"Ava's Birthday: Part 1"

Ella is almost to the abandoned shed when a man grabs her and throws her in a cage.

Ella: (thinks) The Petbuster! I've heard of him! But what's he doing in Hooperville? Oh, and how will I ever get the jewel back to them now?

Stretch walks out of the shed and sees Ella being captured. He runs to help her, but as he does, the Petbuster scoops him up and puts him in the cage as well.

Meanwille in Pocketville. William walks into Princess Ava's room.

William: "Happy birthday, Princess Ava!"

Ava: (smiles feebly) "Thank you, William..." (sighs sadly)

William: "You don't sound very happy. What's troubling you?"

Ava: "It's just that...since Eva's my twin sister, today is her birthday as well..."

William: "Princess, please tell me you're not thinking of releasing Eva from prison!"

Ava: "No, no, of course not! But I just thought that because today is a celebration for both of us...perhaps she won't try to steal the Ocean of Friendship..."

William: "Not a chance. I'm sorry, Princess, but you've seen it yourself: Eva doesn't change, no matter how many chances you're willing to give her."

Ava: (sighs again) "I see your point, William. Still, I can't help but feel that maybe one more chance could be all she needs..."

At that same moment in Pocketville Prison, Notria is helping Eva and Krakia make their escape.

Notria: "How do we escape from here?"

Eva: (smiles wickedly) "Don't worry. We'll get out of here soon."

Krakia: "How, Eva?"

Eva: "Today is my and Ava's birthday, so I just know that soft-hearted sister of mine will feel sorry for me and let me go."

Notria: "What about us? Will she let us go, too?"

Eva: "Probably not, but I will when I become Princess of Pocketville!"

The Royal Guards enter the prison an hour later and release Eva from her cell.

Meanwille in the Big City, Gilbert flies down to Lovebug and Freddy.

Gilbert: "You two are invited to Princess Ava's birthday party!"

Lovebug: "Wonderful!"

Freddy: "Great!"

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