"Ava's Birthday: Part2"

Gilbert flys back to Pocketville and tells Princess Ava that Lovebug and Freddy has excepted her invitation to her party, after hearing about this,she goes to the Magic Fountain and sends Lovebug and Freddy back to Pocketville.

Lovebug: Happy birthday, Ava!

Ava: Thank you, Lovebug!

Eva, Zull, and Gort walk up from behind Ava.

Freddy: *Ghasp* Oh no, Eva has exscaped from Prison!

Ava: Relax, Freddy. She hasn't exscaped, I bailed her out.

Eva: Yes, and it has such a nice act of kindness that i've decided to devote my life to good deeds.

Ava:*Turns to William* See, I told you she'd change.

William: I still don't trust her.

Eva: Ava, I have a birthday preseant for you. You just need to come to my house to get it.

Ava: Um..Ok.

Eva and Ava walk to Evergray Swamp. William gets suspicious and fallows then. Eva and Ava arrive at her house.

Eva: Here we are.

Eva snaches the Ocean of Friendship from Ava then throws her into her house and locks her in.

William: *Ghasp*

Eva runs to a near by mud puddle and covers her black markings with brown mud then puts the Ocean of Friendship on. William runs back to the Magic Fountain.

William: Everyone, Eva has kidnaped Ava and disguised herself to look like her.

At that moment Eva came walking back to the Magic Fountain.

Balloon: We know it's you, Eva!

Eva: That doesn't matter, because now i'm the official princess of Pocketville!

Eva leaps to the edge of the Magic Fountain, then William leaps after her and rips the Ocean of Friendship pendant of, but it lands in the Fountain, wich results in sending William and Eva to the Big City.

Citizens of Pocketville: *Ghasp*

Mela: Don't worry everyone. We'll free Ava and She'll be able to send William back.

Danny pulls the Ocean of Friendship out of the fountain and finds that it has been broken in half.

Lovebug: Will she be able to send him back with half the jewl?

Danny: I'm afriad not.

Freddy: Does that mean there's no way of sending William back to Pocketville?

Mella: No, not if he finds Magic and Kate.

Danny: Right, there's still hope. Now let's go free the princess.

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