"The Strange Gem: Part 1"

In the town of Hooperville, there lives a little girl who is afraid of riding horses. Meanwille, in Pocket Pasture, a brown pony notices a very tall sunflower with a picture of a girl in the center. The pony runs off to tell Princess Dream.

Dream: "Hello, Sam! What's going on?"

Sam: "Someone in Hooperville needs a pony!"

Dream: "Oh, how wonderful! I'll find the perfect pony! Thank you for your help!"

Dream goes to her room and walks over to the bookshelf. The Golden Friendship starts to glow, and the Pasturepedia floats down to her level. The pages flip dizzyingly quickly, but come to a halt on a picture of an American Cream pony.

Later, Dream is watching the little girl and her new pony play together via the sunflower from this morning. Stomp canters over to Dream.

Dream: "Hi, Stomp!"

Stomp: (sighs exasperatedly) "Hello, cousin..."

Dream: (sighs happily) "Isn't it great to see children get a new friend?"

Stomp: (under her breath) "No..."

The Golden Frienship flies up to land in the middle of the sunflower in order to cut off the cross-dimensional transmission. Dream, ready to go home, waits patiently for it to float down to her. However, it never gets the chance, for the moment it's within reach, Stomp begins chasing it with the intent of stealing it.

Dream calls for her Royal Guards.

Digger: "What is it, Princess Dream?"

Dream: "Stomp is tying to steal the Golden Friendship! Find Mike and go after her!"

Digger: (turns to Stretch) "You heard the princess! Find Mike on the double!"

Stretch sprints as quickly as he can through the waterfall portals to Pocketville. It isn't long before he's back in Pocket Pasture with Mike and Treena in tow.

Meanwhile, Digger and Tickles are already hot on Stomp's trail, but can't quite seem to catch up with her. Just when it seems like they'll lose her, Mike shows up of nowhere and leaps for the gem. He gets it back, but drops it upon landing. The area is engulfed in a golden light all at once, and when it fades, the group and the Golden Frienship are gone.

At the same time in Pocketville, Princesss Ava sends Edward, renamed Freddy, to live with Reenie and Sweetie, renamed Lovebug, to live with Wendy in the Big City.

Wendy takes her new puppy outside to play when she comes across half of the Golden Friendship. Slipping it on her wrist like a bracelet, she turns to Lovebug.

Wendy: "How does it look?"

Lovebug: "Absolutely lovely, Wendy!"

Wendy: (gasps) "Y-you can talk?!"

To be continued...

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