"The Strange Gem: Part 2"

Two days later, Freddy comes over for a visit.

Lovebug: "Hi, Edward!"

Freddy: "Hi, Sweetie! But my name's not Edward anymore. Now it's Freddy!"

Wendy walks outside and sees the two dogs talking.

Wendy: (thinks) "I swear they're having an actual conversation..." (looks down at her half of Golden Friendsihp) "Perhaps it has something to do with this bracelet..."

She takes the bracelet off and notices that Freddy and Lovebug are now barking instead of talking. She puts it back on.

Freddy: "How are you?"

Lovebug: "Fine! Better than ever, actually!"

Wendy: "That's it! This bracelet allows me to understand animals."

Lovebug: "Did you say something, Wendy?"

Wendy: "Well, yes... This bracelet lets me understand what you're saying!"

Lovebug: "Really?! How's that?"

Wendy: "I don't know! And I have no idea where the bracelet came from!"

Freddy: "Let me see it!"

Wendy bends down so Freddy can see.

Freddy: "It looks like half of the Friendship Heart...only it's gold instead of red."

Wendy: "The what?"

Freddy and Lovebug explain about Pocketville and Princess Ava's jewel.

Wendy: "Oh! So did this come from Pocketville?"

Freddy: "No. This probably came from some other magical kingdom."

Lovebug: "There are others?"

Freddy: "Yes! The kingdoms are connected by magical waterfall portals."

Wendy: "So, if you're in one kingdom and go through a certain waterfall, you'll end up in another kingdom?"

Freddy: "Right! But if a kingdom doesn't have its special gem, the portal freezes over!"

Lovebug: "Oh, no! If this kingdom doesn't have its jewel, it means lonely children will never get their pets!"

Wendy: "So how do we return the gem?"

Freddy: "Well, this is only half of it. If we find the other half, we should be able to send it back."

Wendy: "Then, let's go look for it!"

The three head out to search for the missing half of the Golden Friendship.

Meanwille in Hooperville, Stomp finds the other half, but just when it's within reach, an orange tabby cat scoops it up and runs off.

Stomp: "Hey! Come back here with that!"

Stomp chases the cat, but it leaps on top of a shed and out of her reach. While she waits for her prey to come down, a man comes up behind her and forces her into a horse trailer. He drives off with Stomp braying angrily in the back.

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