Ava: Puppies and kitties, we are gathered here to welcome more new characters and toons to this Pocketville Wiki! Now, I give you: the brave and strong, black and white cat, Felix!

Everyone except Ava: (claps) Hurray!

Felix: (steps forward) Hello! It's so amazed to be here in the Pocketville Wiki! As you already heard, my name is Felix. I'm from Feline-Smashville, and I'm a close relative of your princesses. As such, I've been entrusted with the Kittnes Friendship, a jewel similar to the Ocean of Friendship!

Felix: Goodbye! (disappears in a flash of light)

Everyone except Ava: Woo!

Ava: And now, we have a special toon named Toon Ava!

Everyone except Ava: (claps) Hurray!

Toon Ava:(steps forward) Hello, everybody! Thank you, thank you! I'm so happy to visit Pocketville! Like my own Toon Pocketville, your Pocket Kingdom is so beautifull! I carry the Toon Ocean of Friendship, and I'm a close relative of your princesses, too!

Everyone except Ava: Yay!

Toon Ava: Goodbye! (vanishes into the light)

Ava: And here comes Toon Eva!

Everyone except Ava: (claps) Hurray!

Toon Eva: Hello, everyone! I'm also from Toon Pocketville, and just like here, my sister, Toon Ava, is the princess! I'm a close relative of your princesses...and I have a sad story.

Ava: What is it?

Toon Eva: Well, when I was younger, the Toon Petbuster captured me!

Everyone except Ava: Ooh!

Toon Eva: Well, now that you're feeling sorry for me, I'll just be going! (she does)

Ava: What was that about? Well, never mind! Another special toon is here today! He's a human with a bad eye named Toon Sky!

Everyone except Ava: (claps) Hurray!

Toon Sky: Thank you, everybody! You already know my name, so I'll tell you about my right eye. It was injured in a fight with a six-legged monster!

Everyone except Ava: Huh?

Toon Sky: Yes! It was terrible! What was even worse, though, was having my kingdom destroyed by a dangerous villain named Toon Nightmare!

Ava: What?!

Toon Sky: Now I live in Lightville!

Everyone: Oh!

Toon Sky: My friend,Toon Light, and I have never argued! We are best friends forever!

Everyone except Ava: Hurray! 

Toon Sky: Goodbye! (leaves) 

Ava: Wow! That was certainly interesting! Now, we have a beautifull pink toon named Toon Celestia!

Everyone except Ava: (claps) Hurray!

Toon Celestia: Hello! I am so happy to be visiting Pocketville! I love all of you very much!

Everyone except Ava: Yay!

Toon Celestia: Especially Toon Link!

Ava: Oh! I know Toon Link!

Toon Celestia: You do? So he's here?

Toon Link: (steps forward) Hello! My name is Toon Link!

Everyone: Yay!

Toon Link: (to Toon Celestia) Hello, sweetie!

Toon Celestia: Ooh, Toon Link! (kisses him)

Everyone and Ava: Ooh!

Lili: Ew!

Everyone: Huh?!

Lili: The kids aren't supposed to be kissing!

Toon Celestia: I told you, Lili, we're toons, not kids! We're seventeen years old!

Lili: Liar! You're seven!

Toon Link: (growls)

Ava: Lili, toons can age. You went to school and studied toons, didn't you?

Lili: (crosses arms over her chest) Of course I went to school! But I didn't study toons!

Ava: Lili, you are our best friend! You can't hate the toons! You don't like Toon Celestia when she is kissing Toon Link?

Lili: No! I'm not a puppy or a kitty, I'm a vulpix! And vulpix don't like the kissing toons!

Toon Link: So that's why you said 'ew!'

Lili: Right! (sighs heavily) Okay, I'm sorry! See ya! (disappears, still angry)

Everyone: Huh?

Ava: Well, Toon Celestia, you can go with Toon Link!

Toon Celestia and Toon Link: Okay! Bye!

Ava: And that concludes part one of the Welcoming Ceremony! Later, we'll welcome Toon Light and Toon Eve! Goodbye!

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