Ava: "Welcome back, my puppies and kittens! The other toons will be introduced in ten minutes, along with a special guest!"

Everyone except Ava: (claps)


Ava: "When will she arrive?"

Toon Link: "Should be really soon!"

Toon Sky: "What special guest?"

Toon Link: "I'll tell you later." (turns to Toon Sky) "Hey, Toon Sky, you said you were BFFs with Toon Light, right? So, is she here?"

Toon Sky: "Yes."

Toon Link: "I'm so happy! It's been so long since I've seen her!"

Toon Sky: "But you can't see her."

Toon Link: "Why not?"

Toon Sky: "Because you made her sad, and because you made my girlfriend break up with me!"

Toon Link: "Who's your gi--?"

Toon Celestia: "Toon Link! Were you the one who bought me the beautiful bow and arrows?"

Toon Link: "Yes, it was, sweetie."

Toon Celestia: (kisses him) "Oh, you are such a sweetheart!"

Everyone backstage: "Aw!"

(Back to the show)

Ava: "We're back! And now, my puppies and kittens, please welcome the Princess of Lightville, Toon Light!"

Toon Light: "Hi, everyone!"

Everyone except Ava: "Hi!"

Toon Light: "I wear the Friendship Light!"

Everyone except Ava: "Ooh!"

Toon Link: (waves to Toon Light)

Toon Light: (ignores Link) "My best friend is Toon Sky!"

Everyone except Ava: "Yay!"

Toon Link: (says in a sad voice) "...Toon Light ignored me?"

Toon Light goes backstage.

Toon Sky: "Wow, Toon Light, you were amazing!"

Toon Light: "Thanks!"

(Back to the show)

Ava: "Now, we have Toon Eve!" Everyone except Ava: (claps)

Toon Eve: "Hey, everyone! I have the Toon Forever Friendship, but I'm not a princess!" (walks away)

Ava: "All right, everyone! Are you ready for the special guest?"

Everyone except Ava: "Yes!"

Ava: "This is the moment you've all been waiting allow me to introduce to you...Princess Toon Lola!"

Everyone except Ava: (cheers raucously)

Toon Lola: "Wow! Thank you, everyone! I'm glad to be here in Pocketville! I wear the Cuteness Friendship as the Princess of Toonville..."

Toon Light: (peeks behind curtains and gasps) "It's you! You took Toon Link!"

Toon Lola: "All puppies and kittens are welcome in Toonville! My toon friends will be so happy to have you!"

Everyone except Ava and Toon Light: "Yay!"

Ava: "Thank you for watching! Goodbye, everyone!"

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