Previously on Puppy in my Pocket:Black and White...

Princess Ava:I'm so happy being in my kingdom,so much thanks for Kate and Magic to make me coming home tears of joy

William:Princess Ava,we're happy to see you again! :)


The Ocean of Friendship glows

William:Princess,your jewel,is glowing!

Princess Ava:Huh?


Kate:The Friendship Heart is glowing again!

Magic:Maybe we nee to send anythore pet to a child...

Kate:No,maybe it--

The Friendship Heart turns into a white jewel

Kate:What is this? O.o


Princess Ava:into a human My hands.....ARE CHANGED!!!And I have clothes!! D:

William:into a human O.o Hey!Where is my fur?!?

Mela and Baloon:into humans What happened?!?

Danny:into a human,start screaming How it happened?!!? runs in circle

William:Danny,calm down! 


Petbuster:puts Eva on a cage Okay,siamese kitty,now I'll sold you and I'll be rich!!! laughs

Eva:growls LET ME GO,STUPID BIG OLD MAN!!!!!! D<


Eva:into a human O.o

The glow turns Petbuster into a cat

Petbuster:into a cat Meow O_O

The cage disappears

Eva:runs away I'M FREEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!BYEEEEEEE!!!! disappears with dark flashes


Kate:Anybody knows why the Frienship Heart is like this? takes out the white jewel

Princess Ava:I learnt more about this's called the White Peaceful! 

Kate:The White Peaceful?


Eva:Gimme that! takes the black jewel The Black Revenge! >D With it I can turn Pocketville into my own kingdom and to be the princess!!!Huuumm.....and.....

Zull,Gort and Krakia:Annndd??

Eva:I will destroy my twin sister!! evil laugh

Next Episode starts....

At Pocketville

Princess Ava: What I will do being human?

Eve: You have a sword, right? So you can fight with it.

Princess Ava: Are you crazy? I'm a princess, not a fighter!

Princess Lola: Maybe she's right...In one day, I was a normal princess too, but I found a sword and it gave me the War heart. With it I can fight. But when I saved everyone during an attack,, they thought that I was evil because I have the power to shoot bombs, torpedoes and grenades. But that was in the past. Now I can fight with a sword. Also I made peace with my sister Melissa. We were enemies in the past. When I fought with Link, my jewel turned into the Friendship Triforce, and now I'm stronger! Cousin Ava, you need to fight like me! I'll teach you!

Princess Ava: Oh...I'm not sure...

Magic: Maybe you'll be more stronger than Link!

Princess Ava: Okay,I will try.

At Eva's place

Eva:looks at the mirror  Hmm..what do I look like as a human?

Krakia: You look like the worst Legend of Zelda villain, but I don't know his name. And where's my wings? finds her wings on her back Oh, okay! flies

Zull: Maybe it's cooler being a human than being a dog.

Gort:Why ?A dog's life is way more perfect than a human life! But I think humans are more cool  thinks that Zull is dog and he puts on a cage, snickering

Zull: Stop it!!

Eva:takes out her claws Let's go to Pocketville!

Zull and Gort:follows Eva

Krakia: Uuuhh wait for me!! follows Eva flying

At Pocketville

Kate:I think Magic, when we will be in the Big City, that means you will be a dog again!

Magic: And you're mom and dad will not know I turned into a human!

Princess Ava:comes back with Princess Lola Guess what! I learnt how to fight!

Princess Lola: Yup,I'm a good teacher puts on sunglasses

Kate: Magic and I need to come back to home! Bye! "My puppy and I together forever that's all that I want."

Magic:"Katie and I together forever that's all that I want."

Nothing happens

Kate and Magic: WHAT??

Eve: Maybe Magic is not a PUPPY is now a HUMAN maybe you should say...

Kate:I know,I know."My pup--er, human and I together forever that's all that I want."

Magic:"Katie and I together forever that's all that I want."

Glow appears and Kate and Magic disappears

Eva: Smirks Hey twin sis...hehehe...

Princess Ava:gasps  Sister?  takes out her sword Is that YOU?

Eva: Recognize me?

Krakia:takes Princess Ava flying

Princess Ava: Uuugh!!!

William, Danny, Mela and Baloon: LET HER GO!!!

Princess Ava:punches Krakia

Krakia:Ow... gets dizzy and lands down Ahh!

Eva: Ugh...

Princess Lola: Eva,why are you so evil?!?

Eva: Because I like it.

Eve: But,Eva... We are friends!

Eva:Oh, hey Eve, yeah, we WERE friends, in the past, but now .....

Eve: But-

Eva:.....I'm not. Hahaha... eyes turn dark 

Princess Ava :Eva...don't do this...

Eva: I will be the princess of Pocketville and nobody will stop me!!  sees Princess Ava's sword Hmmm beautiful sword, and it has a jewel! Another jewel! I Want it! MINE! 

Princess Ava: NO! tries to hit Eva with the sword


Princess Ava: How did you--?

Eva:evil laugh I'm impossible to be defeated, stupid twin sister!

Princess Ava: I won't hurt my twin sister, but you're so evil now! You were my good twin sister!

Eva: I wasn't good in these times and now I'm 100% evil for you! evil smile with sharp teeth

Princess Ava: gasps

Eva: Give me the sword! throws dark sparks

Princess Ava:dodges with the shield

Eva: Don't cheat!

Princess Ava: It's not cheating! throws arrows

Eva:dodging Hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!

Princess Ava: Wow you're so hard to be defeated.....wait! reminds that Princess Lola teached her a final smash Aha!

Eva: Huh?

Princess Ava:uses her final smash who looks like as Link's but is with white hearts


Zull,Gort and Krakia: Whoa...

Princess Ava:puts her sword in front of Zull, Gort and Krakia

Zull and Gort:screams like crazy and runs away

Krakia:flies away screaming

Eve: You did it!

Princess Lola: Well done,Ava!

Princess Ava: Thank you!

William: You were awesome!

The End

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