All the pets of Pocketville are happy, because Princess Ava came back in the kingdom.

Princess Ava:I'm so happy being in my kingdom,so much thanks for Kate and Magic to make me coming home tears of joy

William: Princess Ava, we're so happy to see you again!

Danny:We never let you alone! 

Baloon: By the way, where is Eva?

Princess Ava: Eva? My twin sister? I think she's somewhere else...

Mela: Let Eva stay there! Luckly we have Princess Ava back!

Princess Ava:thinks to herself I hope she's okay...

The Ocean of Friendship glows

William: Princess, your jewel is glowing!

Princess Ava: Huh?

At Kate's home

The Friendship Heart glows

Kate:The Friendship Heart is glowing again!

Magic: Maybe we need to send another pet to a child...

Kate:No,maybe it--

The Friendship Heart turns into a white jewel

Kate: What is this?

Magic: The Friendship Heart changed into a new jewel!

At the Pocketville

The Ocean of Friendship turns into a sword with the jewel

William: A sword?

Mela:But why?

The sword flies up and turns all the citizens from Pocketville into humans

Princess Ava:into a human My hands.....ARE CHANGED!!! And I have clothes!! D:

William:into a human  Hey! Where is my fur?!?

Mela and Baloon:into humans What happened?!?

Danny:into a human,start screaming How it happened?!!? runs in circle

William: Danny, calm down! 

Princess Ava: How did this happen?!? D:

At Petbuster's house

Petbuster:puts Eva on a cage Okay, little Siamese kitty,now I'll sold you and I'll be rich!!! laughs


A glow appears and turns Eva into a human

Eva:'into a human 

The glow turns Petbuster into a cat

Petbuster:into a cat Uh...meow?

The cage disappears

Eva:runs away I'M FREEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! disappears with dark flashes

Petbuster:Meow!I'll scratch you and-- yawns  Wow, I didn't think... cats were so... sleepy...  falls asleep

Next day at Pocketville

Kate: Princess Ava? Is that you?

Princess Ava: Yes, but I'm a HUMAN!

Magic: Wow that's....weird.....turns into a human ???

Kate: Magic?!

Magic:Oh great, now I'm a human too -.-

Kate: Anybody knows why the Frienship Heart is like this? takes out the white jewel

Princess Ava: I know about this's called the White Peaceful! 

Kate:The White Peaceful?

Princess Ava:The White Peaceful has a evil rival called the Black Revenge.

Magic:So,what happened with the Ocean of Friendship?

William:The Ocean of Friendship turned into a sword,it's kind of a evolution for this jewel O.o very fast...

Danny:Wow I can see more things being tall! :D

William:Nevermind -_-

Eve (PuppyInMyPocket4ever/Surprise1's OC):Hey guys good news,I'm a human! :D

Princess Ava: I know. I miss my cat form,and my jewel is turned into a sword...

Eve: This sword reminds me of Legend of Zelda.....

Princess Lola (An OC):appears I'm a human.....hey Eve! Hey cousin Ava! How's it going? Do you like being human?

Princess Ava: Maybe...

Eve:I like it!

Princess Lola: I told to Link that I'm a human!

Eve: Link? Where?!? looks everywhere

Princess Lola: I'll tell how was Link when I turned into a human :D

1 hour earlier

In Warville

A glow appears and turns Princess Lola into a human

Princess Lola:into a human Wooo hooo!!Look,Link,I'm a human!!!!!!!!!

Link: What the- faints

In the present

Princess Lola: Finished!

Eve: Poor Link

Princess Ava:If I'm turned into a human, maybe Eva is a human too!!

William:Maybe Zull and Gort?

Mela:...and Krakia!!!!

At Eva's place

Eva:comes Hey,guys, I'm back! Are you humans too?

Krakia:into a human WHAT THE-WHAT'S GOING ON?!

Zull:into a human Noooooooo!!!

Gort:into a human and slaps Zull Shut up!

Zull: 'growls

Eva: Now that I'm a human, I learnt that I have dark powers. Hehehe...

A black jewel glows

Krakia:takes the black jewel  What is this?

Eva: Gimme that! takes the black jewel The Black Revenge! >D With it I can turn Pocketville into my own kingdom and to be the princess!!!Huuumm.....and.....

Zull,Gort and Krakia: Annndd??

Eva: I will destroy my twin sister!! evil laugh

The End

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