Previously on Puppy in my Pocket:Black and White...

Princess Ava:What I will do being human? O.o

Eve:You have a sword,right?So you can fight with it ;)


Princess Lola:Maybe she's right.......I'll teach you! :)

Princess Ava:I'm not sure.... ^^;

Magic:Maybe you'll be more stronger than Link XD


Eva:looks at the mirror Who I look like? O.o

Krakia:You look like as a worst LoZ villain,but I don't know his name o.o And where's my wings finds her wings on her back Oh!Great! >:D flies


Eva:takes out her claws ''Let's go at Pocketville!


Eva:Hey twin sis >:)

Princess Ava:gasps Sister? D: takes out her sword Is that YOU?

Eva:Yes,recognize me? >D


Eva:I will be the princess of Pocketville and nobody will stop me!! >D sees Princess Ava's sword Hmmm beautiful sword,and it has a jewel!Another jewel!Want it!MINE! 

Princess Ava:O.o...........NO! tries to hit Eva with the sword



Princess Ava:uses her final smash who looks like as Link's but is with white hearts



Eve:You did it!

Princess Lola:Well done,Ava!

Princess Ava:Thank :]

William:You were awsome! :D

Next Episode starts....

At Eva's place

Eva:Stupid twin sis -_- How I will take the sword with that jewel?!?

Krakia:Maybe you must have wings to fly and take Ava's sword and then TADAA! >D

Gort:Shut up,that's a stupid thing,Eva is not a bird o.o

Zull:Yea,she will do that!!

Gort:Shut up,you're just stupid -_-

Zull:start to fight with Gort

Krakia: -_-


Zull and Gort: ._.



Eva:Not right now......

Some minutes later....

Zull and Gort:sleeps

Krakia:Ideas already? -.-

Eva:No ._.

The Black Revenge glows and turns into a sword


Zull and Gort:jumps scared WHA WHA WHAT!?!?!?!?! O.O

Eva:takes the sword Now,I can finally get Ava's sword and jewel and I will be the queen of the Pocket Kingdom!evil laugh

At Pocketville

Princess Ava:Eve,your jewel will turn into a sword too? 

Eve:I can't fight with a sword ._.

The Forever Friendship turns into a magic baton

Eve:But I can fight with magic,can I help you to save the Pocketville if Eva is here to take your jewel? =)

Princess Ava:Sure,maybe your baton is called the Forever Friendship baton and my sword is called the Ocean of Friendship sword :D

Eve:That's so cool!! :D

Princess Lola:Hey Eve,hey cousin :) Beautiful baton :D If Link will see you with a baton,he will look like "CONGRATS MY ZELDA FAN!!!"

Eve:Thanks <=]

White glow

Kate:Hi Princess Ava :),I have a question.Since the Friendship Heart is changed,why it doesn't remind to me that it must to give a pet to a child? O_o

Princess Ava:Maybe the White Peaceful is for the one who is turned into a human like me,I'll give you the Ocean of Friendship,I don't need it anymore :P gives the Ocean of Friendship to Kate and she gets the White Peaceful and puts it on the sword

The sword turns into a white sword

Kate:What I will do with the Ocean of Friendship?

Princess Ava:Maybe is very important for you :)

Magic:Okay,hey beautiful baton,Eve :)

Eve:Thanks :D

Eva:hiding with Zull,Gort and Krakia on a tree So,the blue jewel is to Kate,may I will get the White Peaceful?

Krakia:I don't know,the White Peaceful does good things ._.

Eva:Wait a min....If I take the white jewel with the black jewel,it will turns grey,and Pocketville will turn into my own kingdom like.......Evaville! >D

Zull and Gort:snickering

Eva:What is so funny?takes out her claws

Zull and Gort:Noootthhhhing trumbling

Eva:Fine.Oh look!Eve has a baton?! O,o

Krakia:Now Eve will attack you with a baton!!!

Eva:Haha!!What a stupid thing!takes out her sword I have my own sword >:) But I don't need it right now,this sword is for 100% revenge.


Eva:Get the sword!

Krakia:flies around Princess Ava

Princess Ava:O.o

Krakia:takes the sword

Princess Ava:Get back here!!!

Krakia:flies up Never!

Eva:comes to Princess Ava taking out her claws,tries to scratch her 

Eve:takes Eva with magic from the baton Got you!


Eve:shoots magic

Eva:does a dark shield

Eve:Oh man -_-


Eve:shoots magic to Krakia

Krakia:Ouuuuuccchh!!!!Sttooopp!!!!accidentaly throws Princess Ava's sword

Princess Ava:takes the sword and does her final smash to Eva,Zull,Gort and Krakia

Eva,Zull,Gort and Krakia:AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!disappears on the sky

Princess Ava:Huuh finally -.- Thanks for the help Eve!You're so helpful :'D

Eve:Thanks :]

Princess Lola:I'm so happy to see that,good job friends! >:) If Link was here,he were take the camera and filming you XD

Link:I already filmed puts the video on Youtube and goes away big smiling

Princess Ava,Eva and Princess Lola:laughs

The End

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