Bhupendra is a minor protagonist in "Puppy in My Pocket: ACME Pup-iversity Adventures."

She didn't have a single friend before she met Sanda. During the episode in which she appears, however, she falls in love with Raimond and joins T.U.C.F.F. in its quest to stop Sanda's evil.

Character Profile

  • Personality: Kind, gentle, generous, well-mannered, pure-hearted, friendly, and nice.
  • Breed: Siberian Husky
  • Affiliation: Good
  • Home: Pocketville
  • Siblings:  Avalanche, Cannon, and Chinook.
  • Allies: Lili (best friend), Scooper, Dogo, Sniff, Mack, William, Duchess, Willis, Thunder Jack, the toons, and the T.U.C.F.F. agents.
  • Enemies: Canis and Lupis (from "Hercules: The Animated Series"), Eva, Scar, Sanda, and (formerly) Toon Sky.
  • Scared of: Toon Sky
  • Fate: To become friends with Toon Sky.
  • Weapons: Teeth and claws.
  • Special Talent: Running really quickly.
  • LikesRacing
  • Dislikes: Sanda
  • Favorite Television Programs: "Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangersand "Puppy in My Pocket."
  • Quotation: "I can't imagine where they got that idea..."

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