• Amy567thecoolgal

    ruby was spending her day walking down the frozen river she was looking at the cracks in the ice down a few from the ice kingdom a pretty town sparkling with ice towers and crystals 'sigh' 'im really board i wish something fun would happen' just then she heard two voices she turn around and there was a black and white cat and a brown and white cat with a red heart necklace 'excuse me wolf could i ask directions to the ice kingdom where looking for ruby' ava said wolf im a husky and im princencess ruby! ava blushed and eva start laugh ;sorry ruby i never met you before and' but before ava could finish ruby cut her of 'thats ok are you princess eva and eva' why yes; eva said proudly 'cool welcome to the ice kingdom want to have a tour' maybe…

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  • Surprise1

    Which should I finish?

    November 8, 2014 by Surprise1

    This is my very first blog in my life! So, I am writing two separate fanfics, and it might take me long to finish them both at once. Which fanfic should I focus on and finish off? I have schoolwork, so I will finish one fanfic when I have the chance, you won't be disappointed

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  • Magic-is-cute

    I'm back

    October 6, 2014 by Magic-is-cute

    As some of you might have noticed I haven't been very active of this site. Anyway I'm back now, but I probably won't be continuing my Pets in my Pocket series. Sorry :( But I will be making another series. Also I've been wanting to change my username, but I didn't know how, so I created a new account. The next time you see me on here I'll be known as LavenderFlower. (Sorry about the bad grammar.)

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  • Hyena117
    • Pimp logo appaers and disappears*

    Santi X: He he he *grabs the friendship heart*


    Liam X: *takes out his crowbar* I will get him!

    • zull and gort try to stop Liam X but he just jumps over the two morons*

    Ravage: *turns into a ball and knockks over zull and gort*d

    Ezzy X: Whos a good kitty? Whos a good kitty *hugs eva to hard*

    Eva:*growls* WILLIS! MILO!

    • Willis approces Ezzy X*

    Milo: LET HER GO!

    Ezzy X: Here you go *tosses Eva at at willis and milo*

    • the three groan*

    Liam X: *Running toward Santi X*

    Santi X: Wha

    Liam X HYA *wacks Santi X right in the tummy*

    Santi X:  x___x  *falls right on the ground*

    • Ultra friend ship heart begins to fall* 

    Liam X : I got i- woah *ultra friend ship heart and Liam X are t…

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  • Hyena117

    Krakia:Eva...Do you really think we should work with these guys?

    Eva: of corss.We will get into the weakness of Liam X and we take over pocket ville.

    Krakia:Alright *tries to rest*

    Hyena #1:*walks by laughing and farts on krakia*

    Krakia: 0_0 What was tha You little

    Hyena #1 :* chewing on some meat then laughs as he begins chewing on some meat again*

    Krakia: *growls and pokes him with her beak* 

    Hyena #1: *yelps and walks away giggling*

    Hyena #2 and Hyena #3: *hanging out,farting,giggling and eating and rolling in the mud*

    Hyena #2: *rolling in the mud* Hey this is a neat place.

    Hyena #3: *eating while talking* Yeah Its great here.

    Hyena #2: Give me some of that

    Hyena #3: screw you *laughs*

    Hyena #2: You jerk!

    Hyena #3: Let me get in there!

    Hyena #2 Screw…

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  • Matijevic2kiki

    Happy New 2014!

    December 31, 2013 by Matijevic2kiki


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  • Matijevic2kiki


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  • Matijevic2kiki

    Croatia in FIFA 2014

    December 6, 2013 by Matijevic2kiki


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  • Matijevic2kiki

    What a dream!!!

    November 9, 2013 by Matijevic2kiki


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  • Hyena117

    Crazy dream I had.

    October 25, 2013 by Hyena117

    So one night I had a dream where I made a wish to be in the P.I.M.P universe. Kate rejeted me as here love intrest and I ran away from "boomerang".I've always thought that the dream was trying to tell me that the creators of the show will reject my carecters but recently,I had a dream where I was me but my cousin was my carecter's cousin,Ezzy X,Was captured by my old school.(Note that that school was horrible when they got new teachers and even my parents agreed) Anyway,I was on the school bus picks me up and drops me off,Kate was there and she wanted to rescue him but I was trying to go before because Ezzy X was my cousin in the dream,So me and Kate wen't together and we where slowy becoming friends.I thought that this dream was trying to…

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  • Hyena117

    Guess what!I got a Tumblr account and I will try to make my own thing called Ask the Lieynas.What a Lieyna is,is a Cobination betwwen A lion and a hyena.I just wan'ted to tell my friends.I also follwed the "SSSST ponie"Thing ;)

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  • Hyena117

    What do you think

    September 21, 2013 by Hyena117

    Dellete this article

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  • Hyena117

    I QUIT!!!!

    September 7, 2013 by Hyena117
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  • Hyena117

    The sequals

    September 3, 2013 by Hyena117

    Does anyone wan't to see the sequal to "Kate meets Liam X".I have been trying to make but It always gets removed by 2 people.The sequal whould be called "Liam X goes to pocket ville".Opps,spoilers. LOL Anyone wan't to see proply the first PG-13 fanfic?

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  • Hyena117

    Im going Bye-bye :,(

    August 22, 2013 by Hyena117

    REMOVABLE blog right here

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  • Hyena117

    New Wiki

    August 15, 2013 by Hyena117

    There's a new wiki called Puppy in my pocket 3.Adventures in haloville.You can go there and post fan cracterts as long as they interact with the other carecters and are part of the storyline.

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  • Hyena117


    July 20, 2013 by Hyena117

    For a while now.the wiki has seem inactive.Is the wiki dead?

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  • Hyena117

    What got some charecters to get so populier like eve,milo and finn???

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  • Anamary the Pikonik

    New Wiki!

    July 6, 2013 by Anamary the Pikonik

    Hey,everyone!Here is the new wiki for those which they don't know,Pikonik:Legend of Anamary in Smash Bros Brawl Wiki!If you want to make your own Pikonik,you need to have Pokemon+Super Smash Bros Brawl,Sonic character+Super Smash Bros Brawl or Pokemon+Sonic Character.This Wiki will have episodes,arts articles and stories!Click here:

    • Pikonik:Adventures of Anamary in Smash Bros Brawl Wiki ! :3


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  • Nikolai Banks

    There are a few users who don't like this ->  emot, so please may all PIMPF Wiki Chat Users, don't use this emot, Faith dosn't like it (Though I never gotten the story why she doesn't like it) So please don't use this emot. Don't use this emot at all when Faith is around, ok? Its ok to use this emot when I am around, but not when Faith is around, understood? Anyone using this  emot around Faith, will be given 3 warning kicks then a week ban.

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  • Anamary the Pikonik

    This wiki contains more smash girls and few smash boys.This wiki will have the character pages like:

    • Maria
    • Lugia
    • Byaser
    • Waria
    • Walugia
    • Plum
    • Alinka
    • Zaldy
    • Toon Alinka
    • Gianandorf
    • Geka
    • Ikie
    • Martha
    • Foxy
    • Falcessa
    • Wolfy
    • Captain Firework
    • Pikina
    • Dark Lucaria
    • Squirtessa
    • Charlotzard
    • Naruta
    • Nataliass
    • Lucida
    • Selen
    • Sofia
    • Talia
    • Shadyra
    • Mega Woman
    • Samessa

    This wiki can start in 25 June 2013.

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  • Anamary the Pikonik

    Do you like the Toons?Here is The Toons are the best:Adventures in Toonville Wiki!In this wiki,there a lot of toons to create!You want to be in this wiki?

    In this wiki you can create more episodes and articles!We can be the friend of the Toons and to meeting Toon Lola,Toon Link and others!This wiki has a special page called Awsome Toon Art!In this article,you can put more images with some cute Toons!

    Good Luck!


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  • Nikolai Banks


    March 10, 2013 by Nikolai Banks

    I am terribly sorry to say this, but this is goodbye..........Puppy In My Pocket Fanon Wiki is closing, and for good this time, I am going to miss everyone, and I mean every single TRUE friend I met on here, my heart aches so much bout this, but I am not going to leave this wiki here to suffer, so I am closing this Wiki down forever.

    Willis and Eve trudge off side by side, torwards the setting sun. Mitch and Angela muter amongst themselves in the background bout their children, casting murdeous glances at the other two. Plotting to get back somehow, they devise a plan to get back one day...

    If they ever can.

    Eva leaves Milo and drags Zull and Gort along with her, Princess Ava moves in with Alex and leaves the Pocket Kingdom over to Magic and …

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  • Niko Banks


    January 7, 2013 by Niko Banks

    This is my Journal blog, I will talk about all kinds of things on this blog, from the things I did today, to religion to many other things.

    Well today has been abit of a rough day for me, but there is one thing we must remember, if you do a wrong, you must correct that wrong, if you wronged a friend, you must apologize to that friend for your actions, and then your friend will forgive you, one of the biggest lessons we must learn in life, is to take responsibility for our mistakes, but if we don't take responsibility for our mistakes, then how will we learn from them? Very poorly I guess.

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  • Niko Banks

    Merry Christmas

    December 25, 2012 by Niko Banks

    Good morning and Merry Christmas to you all, I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas with their families and that your Christmas is a sunny one or a white snow one. And don't forget to donate something to a Christmas charity, its always good to give to others less fortunate than you.

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  • Nikolai Banks

    I'm Back

    December 24, 2012 by Nikolai Banks

    I have returned from my trip to the South Coast, and I am really happy to be back, I missed everyone and I am happy to get the chance to chat to my friends :D

    About my trip, well I have done some sun tanning and spending time with my cousins and aunt, also I been alot more happy for the last 6 to 7 days, cause it was alot of fun and I am more happy since I opened up to the holy spirit and given myself to Jesus Christ spiritually, as well as got my own Bible, an Amplified version, not sure what Amplified is, you can Google it up ^^

    Anyway I feel great, I got my very own Bible, which I will study and read every scripture of, as promised to my cousin, and I will join a church sometime next year, and as long as the church goes by Jesus Christ, l…

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  • Niko Banks

    Well here is a question that we all been wondering for a while, you can all vote in a comment in who you think is your favorite couple.

    Please follow the main Wiki Protocol rules.

    1. Milo and Sally
    2. Milo and Eva
    3. Willis and Eva
    4. Willis and Eve
    5. Willis and Bella
    6. Milo and Ava
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  • Nikolai Banks

    This is a little fun game where all users can have fun and play as their own Puppy in My Pocket character or as their favorite character from the show.

    Ok I renamed the page to Chat and RP ^^

    1. Follow the main wiki protocol on Pocket Kingdom Rules.
    2. Each user can have upto 10 characters.
    3. have fun.
    4. Add your characters in a comment or on my message wall.
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  • Alicupcake1235


    September 20, 2012 by Alicupcake1235

    Milo is a siamese cat who was transported to pocketville. Many say that only 2 siamese cats were in the world

    but with milo i makes 3 siameses.Milo has black patches on him like his parents did before they died.


    Milo is cheerful,curious,kind and is very agilityful

    but things somtimes things get on his nerves

    When he sees Eva with his poems or anything like that, he faints.

    Biggest secret

    Milo has a HUGE crush on Eva/Ima


    Milo's parents looked just like him only

    his mom had green eyes and his dad blue eyes. Milo's dad abuse him all the time but his mother was caring to him. By the time Milo was 3 months

    his parents both died in a wild fire

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