Carmen is a kind, shy, and short-tempered St. Bernard puppy. She loves to play games, read novels, watch romance movies, and plant flowers. On the other hand, she hates hot weather and Notria and Krakia making fun of her. She is going out with Digger.


Digger (boyfriend)

Magic (best friend)

William (best friend)

Treena (best friend)

Moona (friend)

Polly (friend)

Kate (friend)

Princess Ava (friend)

Mike (friend)

Stretch (friend)

Tickles (friend)

Eva (enemy)

Zull (enemy)

Gort (enemy)

Krakia (enemy)

Notria (enemy)

Love Interests

  • Magic

Carmen was in love with Magic, but broke up with him.

  • William

She also fell in love with William, but broke up with him as well.

  • Digger

Now, she and Digger are madly in love.

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