Diabolical Catastrophe of Mayhem, also know as D.C.O.M., is the main villain organization in "Puppy in My Pocket: Acme Pup-iversity Adventures." It is led Sanda and usually commits crimes that involve dominating something or other. The exact location is unknown, but its surroundings seem to change a few times over the course of the show, which could imply that D.C.O.M. has multiple bases of operation set up throughout the Kingdom.  

Known Agents

  • Sanda - Leader
  • Scar - Master of Infiltration
  • Francisco - Agent and Scientist
  • Zull - Field Agent
  • Crazy Pup - Agent
  • William, Sr. - Agent
  • Eva -  Agent
  • Gort - Agent (Sanda's brother-in-law)
  • Dogo - Agent
  • Frank - Agent
  • Lisa - Agent
  • Lili - Former Agent (fell in love with Willis)


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