Dreamer is a day-dreaming cat who loves to explore. She's the only good side character that actually has mercy of Eva's disappearence.

Early life/ Backstory

Dreamer was born in Pocketville, her parents named her 'Dreamer' knowing that she will be dreaming about her future and desires. Dreamer was really shy and sensitive when she was a kitten at school, many male animals couldn't stop bullying her. Finally one day she could move to another school, but she was still too shy to talk to the other kids. Seeing Ava and Eva were in the same school that she was, it was hard for her to get to know Ava whose still the princess of Pocketville. Dreamer has seen Eva sitting there alone, she walked to her and asked her what's going on, Eva saddly told her that she couldn't be a princess just like Ava. Dreamer doubt that saying that Eva should stop having doubts about her future and follow her dreams. After a while they both became good friends, until years later she noticed that Eva kinda betrayed Dreamer by breaking the Friendship Heart in half. Dreamer thought she was no help so she left Pocketville so people won't say she's at Eva's side. After some time she started exploring, trying to move on but there are times when she's crying. Suddenly she started to randomly teleport to the real world, and she first teleported to Kate and Magic's house! As she has a little fear on humans, she has met Magic instead. Magic knew Dreamer was Eva's best friend, so he told Dreamer that she needs to break up her friendship with Eva, she lowkey refused though. Dreamer has been exploring so much, also seeing the adventures that Kate and her animal friends were having, after a while she has seen Eva getting caught by Pet Buster. She felt worse, but at the same time okay when the Pocketville was saved and Ava getting her Friendship Heart back together. But what she cared is that Eva is caught and no one even cared. She wished that she could save Eva from Pet Buster's hands and trying to get her to the good side.

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