The Elemental Hearts are friendship hearts scattered throughout Pocketville in the suitable places like the one of the Wind is at a windy desert or the Ice Heart is at a cold mountain or the Universe Heart is safe on the USS Voyager. If all are collected they can be able to do strong effects to Pocketville.These where an important item when Ava had to seperate the real world from Pocketville or had to put the giant heart back together. When one person has them all they will become the ruler of Pocketville. Each possesses a special ability.

All hearts

Ultra Friendship Heart (keeps all hearts at bay)

Ocean of Friendship (can bring floods and waves at the oceans or grant infinity time under water to the user)

Friendship Heart of Ice (can bring blizzards and snowy weather or grant immunity to cold temperatures to the user)

Friendship Heart of Fire (can create heat waves and grant invincibility to fire to the user)

Friendship Heart of Wind (can create tornadoes,hurricanes or any other wind weather)

Friendship Heart of Lightning ( can create lighting storms or strikes at anywhere commanded and can grant inviciblity to any electrical currents)

Friendship Heart of Stone ( can give the user super strengeth or cause earthquakes and rock manipulation)

Friendship Heart of the Universe ( can summon the powers of stars, black holes, supernovas and other powers of the universe upon its enemies, it is also the protector of the USS Voyager and its crew including Kristijan, Panda, Sally and Shirley)


Do you think these rip off choas emeralds or dragon balls?

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