Ellie Anne

Ellie Anne

Ellie Anne lives in Pocketville and attends Pocketville Pet High. She is nice, kind, and caring, but can also be short-tempered.

One day, she was accidentally transported to the Big City with a Black Labrador puppy. She was there for less than a day when the Petbuster captured her for her unusual coloring, but in the end, Ellie Anne managed to escape and return home.


Ellie Anne is a lavender and pink carnation-colored Border Collie with blue eyes. She wears an orange collar with a daisy identification tag.


Bella (best friend)

Magic (best friend)

Kate (best friend)

Balloon (best friend)

Princess Ava (friend)

William (friend)

Danny (friend)

Mela (friend)

Zull (enemy)

Gort (enemy)

Eva (enemy)

Trickria (enemy)

Krakia (enemy)

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