Eve is a tuxedo (black and white) cat with brown eyes. She was Ava's best friend when they were really young. When Ava returned from the Big City, Eve decided to leave Ontavia for the Pocket Kingdom. She eventually became one of Eva's closest friends as well. Ava entrusted her with the Forever Friendship, though she hardly ever uses it anymore. Her favorite colour is dark blue.



Kind, generous, cheerful, cheeky, childish, fun, lovable, very funny, helpful


Ontavia (formerly), Pocketville (currently)


Prince Alex's wife, regular Pocketville citizen


Prince Alex (husband) Lucas (son) Bess (daughter)


Willis, chocolate cake, hilarious things, Willis playing tricks on people, watching things go wrong in Pocketville, Legend of Zelda


Vegetables, anyone getting hurt (unless it's a funny prank)


Willis, Snowy, Milo, Queen Ana, Lili, Queen Ava V, Queen Eva VII



Appearance and Personality

Eve is mostly black with white paws and a white blaze going from her forehead to her chest and she has brown eyes.

She is very kind to everyone. She loves funny things and has a good sense of humor herself. She can be quite cheeky when she wants to be. She is not athletic or fast. She loves singing her favourite songs, and yet, though it's her dream to be some kind of concert instrumentalist, she can't play a single instrument.


Eve is the same age as most of the Pocketville residents.


  • While her name is similar to Eva's, she's not related to the royal family in any way. 
  • Her pose and colors are Eva's (the latter being inverted), while the blaze belongs to Balloon.


Eve: "Super Smash Bros. Brawl" Version

Eve in Super Smash Bros Brawl version

Appearance Black fur, black and white hair, brown eyes, a white muzzle, and a black tail with a white tip.

A yellow dress, a black vest with white trim on the hem- and neck-lines, white socks, yellow shoes, black gloves, and a yellow bow in her hair.

Powers Flying, Comet Cat (does fifty percent damage), Sparkle Punch (does thirty percent), Sparkle Kick (does thirty percent), and Yellow-Eyed Laser (does seventy percent).
Final Smash Gold-Thunder Kitten: She turns gold, and electricity gathers in a ball around her. She hovers just above the ground, electrocuting and smashing all enemies in her path (does three hundred percent damage).