Danny's brother, Freddy.

Freddy is an English Mastiff puppy and Danny's brother. He is one of the main characters in "Pets in my Pocket." His original name was Edward, but when he moved to The Big City to live with Reenie, his name was changed to Freddy. Just like Magic, he likes his new name better.

After moving to the Big City, he, Wendy, and Lovebug, find a golden, heart-shaped jewel with magical powers.


Freddy is cheerful, kind, sweet, and smart, but he can also be very cowardly.


Danny (brother)

Lovebug (best friend and love interest)

Reenie (best friend)

Wendy (best friend)

William (friend)

Balloon (friend)

Mela (friend)

Princess Ava (friend)

Polly (friend)

Kate (friend)

Magic (friend)

Feathers (friend)

Cutie Pie (friend)

Mr. Shellington (friend)

Eva (enemy)

Krakia (enemy)

Zull (enemy)

Gort (enemy)

Trickria (enemy)