Fur Color

Light Purple/ Periwinkle

Eye Color

Light Pink

Body colors

Light Purple, Light Pink and White.


Pink for the circle, and brown for the strap


Likes friends, ice cream,rainbows and friendship


Evil people, being too hot, being trapped in a room alone, having no friends


Helping friends out, making new friends

Lives in

Pocketvile, or human world

 Glimmer is a cute little puppy. She loves to have fun and play with friends, her life is happy and so is she. She could be very cheerful, but when things she dislikes happen, she has a whole different form. She's probably about 15 or 13 years old. Her hobbies are swimming  and playing sports, even though she may not seem so energetic. Her parents gave Glimmer a necklace when she was very young, the necklace was a memory of her parents, and of her nice life in the past. Since her parents died, she's going to wear the necklace everywhere and all the time. 

Evil Form 

Glimmer could get a little over hand if she got too mad, like when people start hating her and ignore her. Her necklace will turn black or red, depending on how mad she is. The necklace will change the way she looks, and her actions. Once she is calmed down, or feels better the necklace turns back to normal. Her necklace is normally the color purple, her necklace could change depending on her mood. If she was jealous it would turn green and if she was sad it would turn blue. 

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