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Kate was a normal schoolgirl until she was transported to the Pocket Kingdom one fateful fall day. She and her loving German Shepherd puppy, Magic, managed to work together with the Royal Guards to complete all of the Friendship Ceremonies and get Ava back home.

Character Profile

Full Name: Kate (last name is unknown)

Gender: Female

Born: Unknown

Age: 12

Place of Birth: Rome, Italy

Current Residence: Rome; later, Big City

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Personality: Caring, kind, well-mannered, and pure-hearted

Likes: Magic, her family, visiting Pocketville, her friends, listening to Liam X sing at night

Dislikes: Eva, Petbuster


Michael (brother)

Sonic Adventure "Believe in Myself (Tails)" Music Request

Sonic Adventure "Believe in Myself (Tails)" Music Request

Kate's theme song.

Liam X (love interest)

Magic (best friend)

Ava (best friend)

Wallace (best friend)

Finn (friend)

William (friend)

Mela (friend)

Danny (friend)

Balloon (friend)

Eva (friend)

After "The Homecoming"

Kate was overjoyed to have her mother back home, but it was also a little hard because it meant she and Magic couldn't visit Pocketville as often (her mother gets suspicious easily). To pass the time, sometimes she and Magic played pranks on each other to make each other laugh. Boys were always flirting with her, but she wasn't able to return their feelings because she loved Liam X.