Liam X

Liam X is an autistic 13-year-old human P.I.M.P. OC. He goes to the same school as Kate and has a secret crush on her. Only his closest friends know about his crush. He is 4 feet tall making him and 1 foot away from Kate's height. Liam X ,has spikey hair styles that you see on the right.  Liam X has a Friendship Heart that he wears on a ring that goes around his left wrist.He also commonly talks in internet slang like "I just PWNED Jovan"


Liam X is kind with a big heart and is always willing to help anyone that needs a pet. The other kids at school often laugh at him because of his disability but most laugh cause of his type of comdedic nature such as when Liam X pulls his desk all the to the back of the class then when the teacher asks him to push it back where it was he pushes it a little then tips it all the way over

Liam X was aloud to travel to Pocketville and can communicate with animals without the use of a Friendship Heart, utilizing instead an animal translater. He has three 7 tree frogs,A praying mantis,several goldfish and a dragon goby and a pet cat named Skippy. When he in first grade, he had a cat named Sandie. He dislikes dogs, but is still freindly with Magic and the other puppies that reside in Pocketville.


  • Playing video games like State of decay and Halo Reach.
  • Running through the hills by his house.
  • Visiting Pocketville.
  • Playing fetch with his cat, Skippy.
  • Disguising Skippy as a dog and entering him in constests.
  • Swimming.
  • Taking care of his pets like his mantis,Frogs and fish
  • Laughing at XxSuPeRdEaThXx in his all caps rage mode.
  • Reading creepypastas.
  • Pizza
  • Caprisun
  • His best friend, Stanley.
  • His horse
  • His usefull and magical crowbar
  • Shrek
  • Freddy Fazbear's Pizza


  • Being called gay.
  • People making fun of her girlfriend Surprise
  • Getting pulled off the jungle gym on the playground.
  • Serial killers
  • Demons
  • Slenderman
  • Dogs
  • Bronies
  • Politacly correct people


Before in Liam X's rise in 7th grade he fell in love with a girl named Surprise.they first started out has friends.At First surprise seemedTo be a bit annoyed By Liam X but soon they they became friends,Then Best friends then Liam X finally fell in love with her little did he know she had the same fellings.They fell in love and had a amazing relation ship together however Surprise and her family had to move back to her home country



Skippy is Liam X's pet and loyal sidekick. The two like to find adventures in pocket ville and perris.Together they fight K-9's,Gansters,demons,Eva, and of corss,Santi X.The two have been buddies since Liam X was in first grade.There is almost nothing to break them a part.They always return a favor when saving each other. One example is when when Liam X and Ezzy X where in Jail in the castle. Skippy helped by using his claw as a key to open the cell. Another example is when Liam X saved Skippy from the Petbuster. Later Skippy became King of Pocketville and had kittens with Queen Ava so Skippy had to stay in Pocketville. This was a hard time for him and Liam X.

(Ezzy X)

Liam X and Ezzy X are cousins but they see each other as brothers.The two have adventures together just like Liam X and Skippy do. It's not that common but it's not rare. Ezzy X is a rival to Liam X when they compete to see which one is more powerful. They race through Pocketville, go to dangerous places, and horseplay and have pillow fights alot.


The two of them are good friends however they usally do their missions for ava seperated because of their diffrent planning and mind set for example,Liam X believes to wrongs can make a right if done right so he would steal the pieces of the friendship heart from Eva while Kate would rather do things less viontley and would rather try not to start to fight while Liam X would just take Eva's gang on


"What the Swag?"

"Oh my! black friday came early this year!"


"Its all ogre now"

Idea voice actors.

A high pitch voice like the same tone you hear grunts from Halo making or that one voice you hear in the old =3 videos

Jillian Michales

Bumper Robinson

Meg Inglima

Sam tsui

Your thoughts

Should Liam X,Skippy,Ezzy X,Santi X,Emily,Slithra and Mr top hat should be cannon with some other charecters?

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