A little while after Kate and Liam X met, Kate went to Pocketville and told the Royal Guards about him.

Kate: So then a giant kid named Santi X with two dogs came out of no-where and attacked me, Magic and Micael. Santi X was saying how "sexy" he was.

Royal Quards: *Gasp* 

Danny: *Gags* WTF?! Your only twelve and he's... wait, how old is he?

Kate: He's fourteen.

Ballon: WHAT!?!


Magic: I know but another kid named Liam X and his cat, Skippy, saved me, Micheal and Katie.

Kate: Yeah. That boy is real funny and he had a animal translater but Santi X stole it from him.

Danny: *thinking to himself* Damn, that kid sounds like a big jerk.

Ava: Wow... an animal translater.

Kate I know. He said his cousin has one to.

William: What's his name?

Kate: Ezzy X. Hes just Like Liam X but wears red instead of blue.

Ava: *thinks "mabye its time to tell" * Hmmm. Hey, wait a minute... those kids sound familiar. Before you came, the Pocketpedia has been trying to tell us something about them. When you said you where moving to the US. It started doing it again.

Mela: Maybe it's trying to say they should come to Pocketville.

Ava: Maybe so. Kate, go bring them here. Maybe they can help us with the Friendship Cerimony.

Kate: I will.

Meanwhile, back with Santi X and Zull and Gort. Santi X was drinking a bottle of beer.

Santi X: *smiles evilly* So... how do we get to Pocketville?

Zull: The plan is that we wait for the portal to open up and we dash in there.

Santi X:But where is it?

Gort when ever kates goes to pocketville and possibly Liam X,We sneak up and jump into the glitter after they get there.

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