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Lucy's wearing her bow.


Lucyana Minka Cream

Pinkie Pie sees Element of Harmony S1E02

Lucy wearing her Element of Laughter.

Lucy is a hyper and lovable Chihuahua puppy who is the keeper of the Element of Laughter and also the local baker and party planner of Pocketville. She has a "Lucy Sense" that allows her to predict when certain things are going to occur (like a door opening, something falling from the sky, something unexpected happening, etc.).


Lucy has peach fur and wears a dark pink collar. In some episodes, she wears a small pink bow to keep a tuft of hair out of her eyes.


Lucy always looks on the bright side of things and loves to bake and throw parties for her friends. Her optimism never fails to cheer up her friends when they're down.

Luciana Minka Cream

Don't mess with Lucy if she's in this state of mind. Her fur loses its poof, and she'll be glum and frustrated one minute and want to bite off other pets' heads the next.

Element of Laughter

Lucy earned her Element when she showed her friends that it was okay to laugh when scared.

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