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Matthew Jenkins is a bully at Kate's school. Once every often, he's feared by a lot of students (and some teachers) because his attitude and his wrath is horrifying. He's a person who has a bite worse than his bark. He has no sympathy whatsoever and fails many classes, but he had never been expelled because of his parents. He bullied children way too far, like flushing a child's head down the toilet, burning a girl's hair, locking them in his basement for no food or drink and once on Halloween, he thrown an unconcious boy into a hole where a coffin was meant to be buried at the cemetery, and later the boy was trapped by a coffin overtop of him.

Ever since arriving to Pocketville, he has become a softer person, but his cheekiness remained. His rudeness was because his parents always beat him, punished him and called him names. They still took care of him though. When he went to Pocketville, they didn't care about his disappearance.


Age: 13

Personality: Rude, bossy, misanthropic, uncaring, cheeky, confused sometimes, cusses, yet a little soft

Features: Olive skin, reddish hair, dark hazel eyes

Chosen pet: Harry, a frog (but disappeared before they even met)

Friends: Ava and the royal guards (Although they don't seem to like him)

Enemies:All the students, teachers, his parents, and whoever seems boring

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