Mela is a Calico kitten and one of Princess Ava's Royal Guards. She is softspoken, shy, sweet, kind, and loving to all of her friends. She is also very insightful and has a great sense of observation that allows her to understand others to the finest detail.  

In spite of her gentle nature, however, she won't hesitate to put up a fight when Eva and her gang come looking for trouble.

Her best friend is Balloon.

Love Interests

  • Louis

Mela crushes on Louis for a long time before he asks her out, and it isn't long after that that she realizes she's falling for him. After giving herself plenty of time to make sure she really is in love with him, Mela confesses her feelings and is overjoyed when Louis tells her he feels the same way.

  • Don

Don is Mela's ex-boyfriend. He's jealous when he first sees how happy she and Magic are together, but then decides it's better to be friends than enemies. When Queen Ava V gives Louis and Mela permission to throw a party at the palace, Mela takes the opportunity to introduce Don to an old friend of hers named Miranda. The kitten watches happily as they grow closer throughout the evening.

At the end of the night, Louis and Mela announce their engagement and invite everyone in attendance to the wedding a couple of months down the road. When Don and Miranda (now officially a couple) come over to congratulate them, the newlyweds-to-be request them as their Best Puppy and Puppiesmaid of Honor, and the two accept right there on the spot.