Midna, red eyes and strange marks! O.o

Midna, is a mysterious puppy who only appears at dusk. She encountered many frightened puppies, but Eve is the only kitten who met her and became friends with her.

Appearances and Personalities

Midna is some strange puppy with pointy ears and a short tail. What makes her look peculiar is having red eyes and strange marks around her. She may be another self of Nina or Eve, because of her beauty and her personality.

Other than Eve, nobody else admired her and she was a very sad puppy. To other puppies, nobody could ever see her tears emerging as the puppy ran away from her. However she enjoyed telling a single word which could send a puppy away with terror.

She liked pretending to be as evil as she looks, but that didn't fool Eve. However her first sight with Eve scared herself as well, because she never saw a kitten. Eve wasn't very good at making friends, because all she had was boyfriends and guyfriends. Eve was okay with a friend who tried to scare her.

Nina meets Midna

Midna telling Nina to go back home

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