Nina, a chocolate lab and Thomas' love interest.

Nina is a sweet, innocent, loving chocolate labrador puppy.

In Thomas' eyes, she is the most beautiful pup in all of Pocket Kingdom. Sadly, because of this, jealous female puppies are constantly harassing Nina. Giga and her gang, in particular, have made it their mission to make her life miserable. Nina never defends herself against their attacks, though, which unfortunately only fuels their anger more.


Nina is a cute chocolate labrador with deep amber eyes. She occasionally wears a bow on her tail because she thinks it makes her look cuter.

Early Life

When she was very young, Nina was very clumsy, naive, and easily frightened, so nobody wanted to be her friend. Some puppies even played tricks on her and made bets to see who could scare her more. Eventually, however, she made friends (Jamie, Nicole, Vicky, and Jenny, not to mention Thomas) who weren't afraid to stand up for her and always made her feel secure.

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