Peaches is Queen Eva VII's stepdaughter, Princess Courtney VII, Princess Abigail IV, Princess Lindsey III, and Princess Marina V's half-sister, Tino's half-sister, and Dogo Argentino's younger sister. Peaches is a beautiful little kitten. Her friends, Tod and Max, help her as often as they can. She is Gort's main love interest and later becomes his girlfriend.


She didn't really care when her mother divorced with Scar and married Prince David.


Some time during the events of "Puppy in My Pocket," Peaches and the rest of her stepmother's pack were banished from Pocketville for supporting Scar. Although it is never said, it can be assumed that Scar was her father, as is implied with Dogo, despite the fact that she is close to Tino's age, and Tino isn't Scar's child, but the Chosen One.


Peaches bears a strong resemblance to her stepmother, Eva.  As an adult, her ears are black-striped. Peaches is slender and has one dark blue eye and one light blue eye. Like the rest of the pack, her front claws are always unsheathed.

Character Profile

  • Personality: Serious, loyal, vicious, naive, sly, intelligent, tomboy-ish, and supportive.
  • Relationships: Scar's daughter, Eva's stepdaughter, Misty's little sister, Dogo's little sister, Tino's big sister, King Richard and Queen Ava V's daughter-in-law, and King Leon and Queen Melissa I's granddaughter-in-law.
  • Affiliation: Bad, later good.
  • Goal: To help her mother become Queen of Pocketville (before she and Ava were crowned)
  • Home: Always-Grey Swamp, later Pocketville.
  • Allies: Her stepmother, Eva; her elder brother, Dogo (until his sudden death); her younger brother, Tino; and her sister-in-law, Princess Tiny.
  • Likes: Zull, Gort, Willis, and Milo.
  • Dislikes: Her mom (formerly), and when everybody calls her Eva.
  • Fate: Reforms and joins King Juno, Princess Tiny, and Queen Ava V.
  • Quote: "You want me to be the bad guy? Fine. Now, I'm the bad guy."