pet buster is a greedy man that sells poor animals to the highest bider at his "Non dangerous pet house".He has capyured Ava and tricked Kate's gulibale dad. After Ava returned to pocket ville eva got sent to pet buster's home to only get capyured though zull and gort saved her.Pet buster can be to compared to dr eggman from the sonic the hegehog games because most of there plans have failed.Pet buster had got a giant semi truck that carries pets and has the abilty to go at speeds at 200 mile per hour or more and can go off road.It was destroyed by kate and her friends but no one got hurt...except for the best buster's planed amounts of money.It is soon revaled in season 3 that the pet buster runs the animal intellicance compony.( a revence to pet smart).This rose Liam X's hatrad for the side burned man higher seeing how he knows what goes on behind closed doors there.After season 4 the pet buster got put in prison with the help from PETA and Alf. 

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