Most of the time, all of the pets that need to be found are in Pocketville. However, there are more places in the Pocket Kingdom that weren't explored during Kate's adventures.

Hello Friends
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Places in Pocketville

A massive area where most movies, television series, and radio shows are developed.

  • Couples' Peak

A beautiful mountain where pets go to spend time with one another. It's mostly couples who go there (hence the name), but sometimes close friends will visit as well.

Places beyond Pocketville

  • Kitten Kingdom (a.k.a. Kittenville)

As the name suggests, Kitten Kingdom is a beautiful, peaceful place filled with young cats (some even consider it the birthplace of the species). Most of the kittens who live there are unqualified for a Friendship Ceremony, although there are some who move to Pocketville because they change their minds.

Many Pocketville citizens, kitten and puppy alike, also use Kitten Kingdom as a vacation spot.

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