The Pocketville Military is the Pocket kingdom's highest defense besides the royal guards, the Military's main objective is the assist the Royal Guards or Princess Ava during any kind of Crisis,

Pocketville Civil War

During the Civil War of Pocketville, the military was run by a general leader, whom only answered to the king and queen of Pocketville, and no one else, at the beginning of the war, the military general leader found the Heart of Darkness, which he used to stop the rebels, only to turn them into zombified slaves, when discovering this, he informs the king about this, and how they could use this to take over the kingdom and defeat the rebels at the same time, at first the king disagrees with the general's plan, but soon he comes to temptation from the Heart of Darkness to use the heart itself to take over, the general during the mean time gets the Friendship Heart and brings it back to the king, he advises the king to hide it from the queen, so that the Friendship Heart will not be a threat to their plans.

Later the king and the General's plans are foiled by a soldier who returns the Friendship Heart to the queen and told her about what they've been doing, when the queen confronts the king about his betrayal, the king lies and says he was zombified by the Heart of Darkness when he saw it, the queen refuses to listen to his lies and used the Friendship Heart to freeze the king in a block of ice, where he forever be imprisoned, the queen then hires a new general to lead the remaining loyal soldiers and rebels to help her fight the general, eventually they defeat him and restore peace to the Pocket Kingdom and its Citizens.

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