Alex is a good boy now

Alex wearing a red collar.

Alex and Eve

Alex and Eve

Alex was once a prince of a land far away from Pocketville. 

The first time he visited Pocketville, the first animal he saw was Eve. He thought she was the most beautiful creature in the world. He befriended her (leaving out the  fact that he was a prince) and stayed in Pocketville for a while to be with her.

During those months, she managed to gain his trust - enough that he told her of his true lineage, though she didn't believe him - and ended up changing his heart for the better. 

When Alex finally had to return to his kingdom, he took Eve with him. They were wed that very day, and Eve was made princess of his kingdom.


Alex is a black cat with green eyes. He only started wearing a collar when he fell in love with Eve.


He is a jokester, and sometimes likes to play pranks on Eve, while his son accompanies him.

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