James is a Siamese (Felis aulicus) kitten and Ava and Eva's long-lost brother. As the eldest, he was the rightful heir to the throne, but he went missing a few days before his coronation, so Ava had to take his place.


Mere days before he was to be crowned King of the Pocket Kingdom, James vanished while on a picnic with his family. According to rumors, he wandered away when his parents weren't looking and got lost.

His family spent all of their time and resources trying to find him, but after a year, he was presumed dead, and Ava was made Crown Princess of the Pocket Kingdom (and later becomes queen, along with her sister) instead.

A few years later, James returned home with no memory of who he was, though he recognized Ava and Eva (but as old friends, not his sisters).

Love Interests

He constantly flirts with Eve, but instead of falling head-over-paws, she likes him less and less and due to them being first cousins.

Eventually, James loses interest in Eve and starts dating Lili.

Prince James: "Pocketville: Rise of the Blood Moon" Version


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