Prince Zoldine
Prince Zoldine is Princess Ana-Dancing's long-lost younger brother and the ruler of Ryminia, a bordering kingdom of Warville.

He visits Pocketville whenever he can to see Princess Ava and Eva. He and Eva often end up fighting, though, because he wants her to be good, but she continues to be bad.

He's best friends with Eve and thinks she's the greatest kitten in the universe.

He has had a secret crush on Princess Lola ever since they first met.

Character Profile

Species: Felis Magicys

Gender: Male

Personality: Kind, caring, friendly, loving, and optimistic

Friends: Princess Ava, Eva, Eve, WilliamMelaBalloonDannyWillisPrince AlexWallaceMagicKate, and Princess Lola (crush)

Enemies: Petbuster and Giana

Weapons: Light arrows, light claws, and kindness

Likes: Lola (crush), Eve, his friends, and gentleness

Dislikes: Villains, hard times, and bad weather

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