Queen Ava V or Princess Ava, as she is called in the original series, is the co-ruler of the Pocket Kingdom, along with her twin sister, Queen Eva VII.

Her and Eva's parents were known as King Leon and Queen Melissa I, but were never seen or even mentioned in the show, so it was believed that their parents were deceased.

She is described to be sleek, have cream fur with markings the colour of crisp auburn. She has a long tail, large, delicate ears, and icy blue eyes. She has a dark auburn-coloured, star-shaped birthmark on her right paw.

In VanillaFlare's drawings and series, she is seen and described to have a pink nose, rather than a black nose in the original series.

Unlike Eva, who is timid and introverted, Ava is social and extroverted.

After "The Homecoming"

Ava now relies on the Ocean of Friendship to accomplish her royal duties, and after every Friendship Ceremony, she takes a well-deserved break to visit her friends.

After Eva was rescued and returned to Pocketville, Ava accepted her apology and the Friendship Emerald was created, for Eva. Ava then let Eva rule alongside her.

Ava and Eva were both crowned Queens of the Pocket Kingdom as Queen Ava V and Queen Eva VII and later married Richard and David, who became their king consorts.

She had 5 kittens, all girls, Duchess Ava, Princess Genevieve, Princess Helena, Duchess Melissa, and Princess Tina (her kittens and husband are not canon) during the Freezing War.

Love Interests

After growing very close to him during their time together in the Big City, Ava and Wallace courted each other for a time following Ava's return home. However, Ava's royal duties and the cross-dimensional strain eventually became too much for their relationship to take, so they decided to just be friends.

At one time, William and Ava were a couple, but that changed when Stacy moved to Pocketville. She and William fell in love at first sight, and Ava, wanting them to be happy, broke it off with William and wished them the best.

Finn and Ava were in love for a few months, but Finn didn't like the fact that Prince Richard was also having feelings for her. He ended up breaking up with Ava and went for Labutza instead.

According to royal law, Queen Ava was supposed to marry a cat from royal or aristocratic blood. She met Prince Richard when visiting the Eastern Tails (east of Pocketville) and found love within reach. They married back at Pocketville and eventually had kittens together (Duchess Ava, Princess Genevieve, Princess Helena, Duchess Melissa, and Princess Tina "Tiny").

Ava: "Super Smash Bros. Brawl" Version

Ava in Super Smash Bros Brawl
Appearance White fur, brown hair, peach skin, blue eyes, and pink eyeshadow.
Outfit A light pink tube top, a pink skirt with a white bow and white trim, pink arm sleeves that end in fingerless gloves, light pink thigh socks, pink and white thigh boots, and a pink bow in her hair.
Powers Pink-Eyed Laser (does sixty percent damage), Flash Slap (does twenty percent), Flying Hearts (does fifty percent), and Air Kick (does thirty percent damage).
Final Smash

Friendship Rainbow

She nails everyone with a rainbow laser (does one hundred percent damage).

Queen Ava V: "Pocketville: Rise of the Blood Moon" Version


Concept Art

Queen Ava is one of the main characters in the series, and she, as well as the other citizens of the Pocket Kingdom, transform into anthropomorphic animals when the barrier between dimensions break due to an extremely powerful villain.

Appearance: white fur, brown curled hair, peach skin, light blue eyes, pink lipstick, and pink eyeshadow.

Outfit: a light blue, short-skirted dress, white stockings, light blue fingerless gloves, a gold belt, blue high heels, gold bangles on her right arm, a gold heart necklace that represents the Ocean of Friendship, and a gold circlet on her head that represents her crown (concept)

Powers: Love Slap (does around 60% damage)

Royal Beam (does around 80% damage)

Sun Rays (does around 70% damage)

Aerial Kick (does around 90% damage)

Ultra Attack: Prism Spirit (She summons an enormous, snake-like, rainbow-coloured creature, dealing everyone a high amount of damage and does around 600% damage)

Princess Ava: "Puppy in My Pocket: Black and White" Version

Human Ava
Princess Ava is the main protagonist of the series. She and the rest of the Pocketville citizens, including Magic, are turned into humans when the Ocean of Friendship takes the form of a sword. Her cousin, Princess Lola (also changed) teaches her how to fight with swords so she can protect herself.


"He must be stopped at once!"

"Ah, you must be new here."

"What is going on with the humans at the Big City?"


It was thought by many that it was weird that Ava was a princess and yet she was ruling over the Pocket Kingdom.


Queen Ava's "How to be a Prim and Proper Cat (or any animal for that matter!)"

  • Never use your tongue to clean your fur. Doing so can lead to hacking up nasty hairballs! Take a nice bath instead! Even if you are a cat that hates water! It's nice!
  • Keep a straight posture. You'll look depressed if you're hanging down!
  • Use manners and polite language. Don't be rude!
  • Have your daily organic food, such as freshly cooked salmon or even delicious mushroom soup! It's good for you!
  • Wear any type of nice clothing. Even if it's not trending right now! It's nice!
  • Go outside on a daily basis for a whiff of fresh air! Only on nice days though, when it's warm and sunny.
  • Socialize with your friends and family! Lower down the gossiping though!