Princess Dream
Duchess Dream is one of the main characters of "Pets in My Pocket" and the Duchess of Pocket Pasture. She has a sweet, loving, gentle personality and uses a jewel called the Golden Friendship to send ponies to children in a town outside the Big City called Hooperville, until all portals in the Pocket Kingdom that lead to the human world closed permanently.

In the show, Dream's jealous cousin, Stomp, tries to steal the Golden Friendship. Dream's Royal Guards and a sheepdog puppy named Treena try to stop her, but they, along with the Golden Friendship, are spirited to Hooperville instead. Until her loyal subjects return with her jewel, Princess Dream has no way of conducting any Companion Rites.


Princess Ava (best friend)

Queen Eva VII (best friend)

Countess Allie (best friend)

Countess Ivy (best friend)

Mike (best friend)

Digger (friend)

Tickles (friend)

Stretch (friend)

Treena (friend)

Stomp (cousin and former enemy)

Trickria (enemy)

Krakia (enemy)