Flying pegasus base by unicornwithadopts-d64h8hw


Roxy is a winged Greyhound puppy and the bearer of the Element of Loyalty. Her five best friends are Twistle, Gigi, Lucy, Briana, and Hana.


She has grey fur, magenta eyes, and and wears a blue collar. 


Roxy is bold and daring. She loves to fly fast and show off her skills. She can be a pest sometimes and likes to play pranks on her friends, but in the end, she loves them more than anything.

Her Element

When Roxy, Hana, Twistle, Lucy, Briana, and Gigi wanted to get over a half-fallen bridge, she volunteered to fly to the other side and tie up the loose ends. However, it was there that she was confronted with a choice: join the Darkbolts or help her friends. Roxy ended up turning down her dream for her friends' sake, thus earning her the Element of Loyalty.

120px-Rainbow Dash sees Element of Harmony S1E02

Roxy's Element.


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