Sanda is the leader of the Diabolical Catastrophe of Mayhem (or D.C.O.M. for short) and Princess Ava's watchdog. She is the most mature puppy in the show. When Francisco arrived in Pocketville, Sanda took him in as her adoptive son.

She, Eva, and Dogo Argentino team up in the episodes, "A Doomed Life" and "The Curse of the Golden Waffle."

She made a cameo appearance in Pocketville: Rise of the Blood Moon.

Character Profile


  • "Hi ho diggety!"
  • "That's 'schmoodled' for thirty points!"
  • "There! I 'schmoodled' Willis!"
  • "I will get you, Ava, and your friends!"
  • "Willis! Are you pedaling to Acapulco?!"
  • "You disgust me, Willis!"
  • "Put a sock in it!"
  • "I'm horribly allergic to bears."
  • "Curse you, Your Majesty!"
  • "AahPaper cuts!"
  • "What is wrong with you?"