Santi X the Heartbreaker
Santi X is Liam X's evil twin doppleganger and one of the anti heroes in the Pocketvile series. He has a crush on Kate. He loves to pick on kids,Mainly Liam X and never does his homework (or has other kids do it for him) because he hates school. After stealing Liam X and Ezzy X's translators, he follows Zull and Gort's instructions on how to get to Pocketville. Once there.By the end of season 2 santi x became a lone wolf not being on Eva's side or Ava's and got over kate.He looks just looks like liam X but bigger and darker collored clothing.


  • Playing video games like grand theft auto and Call of duty
  • Making other kids do his homework
  • Stealing
  • Getting Liam X and other kids he hates in trouble for things he did
  • His gang


  • Eva (around season 2 episode 4)

Season 2


Santi X, First Attempt (...This is from when I sucked at painting on the computer.)

He is debuted in puppy in my pocket adventures in pocket ville Season 2. As a antagonist,Trying to win kate's heart and causeing trouble for Ava and the royal guards.He was actullay the smartest out of Eva's gang and he whould the leader whith zull,gort and slithra.He countuied this untill he decided to stop following a Cats orders and left the team.Leaving Eva,krakia,durrilla,millo and slitrha and the rest without a powerfull juggernaut human.This is the point where he became a anti hero.

Season 3

In season 3,He has made his own shack out side of the pocket kingdom.It was then wrecked after the earthquak that happened when the worlds merged.He is on his own adventure to make a new home and survive.He found a friendship heart on the way and when Liam X,Ezzy X and william wen't to find a heart and found him with they begged/asked for it.Santi x said he whould give it to them if got $60.William gave him 100 pocket dollars.


Santi X is actullay based on one of the bullies at my school. One time, he copied Liam X and called his new character Santi X (it was actullay just a two-sided drawing of said new character). One side had the words "SANTI X" written above the character, and the other side had him riding a mortocycle. So that's when I came up with the idea for Santi X, along with a snake character, to be Liam X, Ezzy X, Skippy, and the Royal Guards' enemy.


Idea voice actors

Neil Crone

Ginzo Matsuo

Travis Willingham

Dan Green

Mike Pollock

Jon St John

Oliver Wyman

Kyle Hebert

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