Stomp, or Duchess Gleam, is the main villain of "Pets in my Pocket". She is also Duchess Dream's cousin.

In the first episode Stomp tries to steal the Golden Friendship from Duchess Dream so she could become Princess of Pocket Pasture. But then Dream's royal guards and Treena come to stop her, but they all get sent to Hooperville ( The place Dream sends ponies to children.) Now the guards and Treena try to find the Golden Friendship to send themselves home and for Dream to take control of her kingdom again, while Stomp tries to find the jewel for herself.

Her name was originally Gleam, but changed her name to Stomp, and later back to Gleam when she reformed.

She reformed and became the Duchess of Canterletti, given the Prairie Heart.

She is one of the recurring characters in Pocketville: Rise of the Blood Moon.