The Hyenas reside in the grasslands of Pocketville. Santi X was sure that Liam X wouldn't attack his favorite animals, so he hired them to do his dirty work. However, he didn't count on Liam getting to know them and certainly not taming them. Soon, Liam and the Hyenas were close enough that they agreed to be a method of transportation for Liam, should the need ever arise.


Before Liam befriended them, they were greedy, cruel, and would do anything for food and riches. Afterward, Liam discovered that they only ever acted that way because other animals disrespected them and considered them to be the bottomfeeders of the animal kingdom.


Hyena in Pimp season 2
  • Meat
  • Emeralds and gold.
  • Liam X and his friends.
  • Chasing animals.
  • Ava
  • Eva (when she finally turns good)
  • Making jokes.
  • Rolling in the mud.
  • Roughhousing.


  • Santi X
  • Evil
  • Being disrespected and called 'bottomfeeders.'
  • Whenever someone kills a joke.

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