The Pocketville Protecters is a group of pets who protect Pocketville, under the guidence of Willis, they have been around the Pocket Kingdom in secret and protected the kingdom along with the Royal guards and Winged guards.
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The Pocketville Protecters flag

The Secret Life of the Protecters.Edit

The Pocketville Protecters have been around 1,000s of years, even before they had Willis for a leader, the first protecters were founded by a group of pets, who were tired of the crime of pets going against pets, The Pocketville Protecters first leader and founder was the 4th queen of Pocketville, she created the group, for when if the Royal Guards were not around, she could rely on the Pocketville Protecters, to protect her and the Citizens of Pocketville. They even took part in The Civil War of Pocketville, acting on both sides, it is because of them, the queen of Pocketville was informed by the king and the Military leader's trechery.

The Protecters and Royal GuardsEdit

The Royal Guards and The Pocketville Protecters have always worked together through out the history of Pocketville, and whenever one of the two groups would go down, the group still up will go and help the fallen group, back up onto their feet, during the Civil War of Pocketville, the Royal Guards and the Protecters worked together to aid the queen in her time of need, after the kin betrays the kingdom and joins the Military Leader to rule the kingdom, in which that time, the Military found their leader as a trator and threw him and his followers out, making the Military a third group of the Protecters and Royal Guards, and if either the two groupds fall, the Military will help them back up and fight against any problems they face together.