Long ago, a small group of Pokemon decided to dabble in dark magic. As a result, they discovered that by tapping into this dangerous source of power, they could grow strong stronger. In fact, more then they ever dreamed possible. In time their magical abilities flourished. But their newfound power came with a price. Before long it corrupted and blinded them, so that their quest to grow stronger and to dominate all they encountered became an obsession. As their desire for power took over their entire beings, it crowded out any goodness that once dwelled within their hearts. Their kindness, compassion,and respect for others and for the  beautiful land in which they lived soon became nothing more than a vague memory. The pokemon then became evil.

Corrupt, evil shadows of their former selves, with but one all consuming goal: to gain control of Pocketville. The pokemon eventually mastered the art of sucking the life force out of animals.this increased their own strength and left the animal they attacked frozen, like statues. With each pet they drained, the health of the land suffered as well, slowly transforming once lush and green landscapes into barren, lifeless wastelands, and each attack made the pokemon more powerful, bringing them one step closer to the total domination of Pocketville. Reacting to this crisis, a brave dog clan set out to hunt down and stop the pokemon. In time, the dog clan created a magical realm: a realm not inhabited by animals,a realm in between worlds. Following the banishment of the pokemon,the effects of their dark magic slowly wore off and eventually Pocketville returned to normal. Flowers bloomed, rivers ran,and the frozen animals regained their life forces and resumed their lives, unharmed. everyone assumed that the pokemon were gone forever.... but everyone was wrong!

More coming soon!

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