Toon Eva

Toon Eva

Toon Eva is Eva's toon version. She is an evil cat like Eva and she is Toon Ava's twin sister. She is must likely a Feles Toonis, but she does not live in Toonville because she was kidnapped. But not by Pet buster, by Toon buster, the capter of toons. She is borned by Toon Lola's jewel and is says at her to going to Toon-Pocketville. She was make her sister to comes in Toon Big City, like Princess Ava in the big city. And Toon Eva has the second piece Toon Friendship heart and she is going.In the Toon Fountain is appeared Toon Kate and Toon Magic is see her and they are friends.Toon William is said at Toon Kate to keep the first piece from Toon Friendship heart.Toon Eva is with Toon Zull,Toon Gort and Toon Crackia.Like Eva,she is said that she wanted to be the princess from Toon Pocket kingdom. But in the last time,Toon Eva is kidnaped by Toon Buster and she's stay there long time. But is saved by Unlove,Toon Celestia's enemy,and they are become friends.Toon Eva is different at Eva,she loves Toon Milo, but Eva hates Milo. She is back in Toonville to said at Toon Lola that her story. Toon Lola is not happy and let Toon Eva to live in Toonville.But she wants to be the princess from Toonville, but she is doesn't wants, right now, because he don't like to be so evil,but she likes to make friends,especially Toon Milo. She's account of Toon Sky,Toon Light's new friend.

Toon Eva's like

  • Friends
  • Toon Milo
  • To be a princess,but she can't

Toon Eva's dislikes

  • Toon Sky
  • Toon Ava
  • To be kidnaped
  • Toon Buster


Toon Eva is mainly known to be a beautiful but evil little kitten in the series and she is helped by her two hench dogs Toon Zull and Toon Gort along with their new member Toon Krakia. She uses Toon Krakia to spy on Toon Kate and Toon Magic to know where to go and what trap to build to stop Toon Kate and Toon Magic from finding the right pet and finishing the puzzle showing Toon Ava. She is said by Toon Durilla to be the most cunning in all the Toon Pocket Kingdom.Toon Eva is very smart and claims she is agile, considering that Toon Ava never knew of her feelings of hatred and jealousy towards her until Toon Eva told her. Toon Eva is shown to be able to find another's weakness fast, such as the snow leopard's lonliness when she needed to get the Toon Never-Alone Flower.