Toon Light

Toon Light

Toon Light is most likely a Feles Toonis (a cat from Toonville).He is the former princess from Toonville,and she have the Friendship Light.She has a gold sword and a orange-gold shield and is of account with Toon Lola .

She was Toon Link's best friend but Toon Lola is appeared and Toon Link is talking with her,Toon Light is sad. When Toon Link and Toon Lola are in the castle in Toon Light's room, she disapeared and she let a paper and they are read:

Dear Toon Link,

You're with Toon Lola ,well I want to be not best friend with you never! We are fight with the monsters together, we are drived your Pirate ship and you make for me the gold sword like a gift!But you like Toon Lola and you don't like me! You are just a little toon where do you like the siamese toon cats! I going to Lightville to be the princess and I going to have the Friendship light!>:-(

                                                                                                                           Toon Light

Toon Link is sad because his friend is going to Lightville and Toon Lola is seeis a star falling from the sky and she and he are in outside.Toon Lola has got the Friendship Cuteless and everybody from Toonville are happy if they has a new princess.Toon Lola is happy,but Toon Link is unhappy because his friend is going and Toon Light doesn't want to be friend with Toon Link never.Well,a year later,Toon Link is forgot Toon Light and he is with Toon Lola now.Toon Light is now the princess from Lightville and he has a new friend,Toon Sky.

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